Technology Streamlining HR Processes

Long gone are the days when human resources professionals were tasked with merely Technology can streamline HR processes with intelligent implementationproviding new hires with employee handbooks and managing requests for time off. Today’s HR managers are often faced with an increasingly diverse array of tasks, and with the demands of operating in a highly competitive business environment, many HR professionals are finding themselves overwhelmed. Fortunately, innovative new technological solutions are being developed that could streamline much of HR managers’ daily operations.

A Centralized Approach

Even for the most tech-savvy human resources professionals, choosing between the myriad HR software packages available can be a daunting task. For this reason, IBM hopes its new Talent Suite software will eliminate many of the most common operational headaches by enabling HR staff to centralize their tasks in one easily accessible dashboard.

According to PC World, Talent Suite can simplify a range of common HR tasks, from the recruitment and performance assessment of new hires to managing development training programs across multiple departments. Users can also customize the functionality of the software to meet the individual needs of their organizations by leveraging the power of IBM’s big data analytics tools, providing even greater insight into how various departments are performing and areas in which improvement is needed.

“You can use the same piece of technology to hire someone, put them into a social collaboration network of their peers and get the right training for them immediately,” Jonathan Ferrar, IBM’s Smarter Workforce vice president, told the news source.

Behind the Numbers

Despite the sheer number of HR software management programs available, IBM’s solution and others like it could soon gain traction in the workforce due to the increasing demands placed on human resources professionals. Bloomberg’s Bureau of National Affairs reported that executives in many organizations are turning to HR departments to provide them with crucial insight into their business operations and how to maximize their resources to gain a valuable competitive edge.

In a recent webinar, John Sumser, principal analyst at San Francisco-based research and analytics firm HRxAnalysts, said that HR professionals will likely be tasked with interpreting the vast volumes of data produced by their companies with a view to developing more strategic internal policies.

“Over the course of 2014 you will be hearing a lot about how to shape the answers that come out of HR and attach them to specific business outcomes,” said Sumser, as quoted by the news source. “Once you know who your competition is, you can start to understand the rudiments of competition, and the rudiments of competition are where the market data gets interesting.”


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