Thank You Note from Tim

I admit, at first I was quite sceptical about purchasing your TOTALe Spanish software. It was quite the investment, but after an embarrassing trip with friends to Cuba where I got completely lost and found myself being the only English fish in a sea of Spanish, I vowed it would never happen again. I was sick of being left out of the conversation. I took the chance, made the investment, and purchased your course.

Now, I write to you today to tell you that after 4 months of lessons in my spare time, using the audio lessons on my MP3 player, and practicing with a coworker, I was able to help my first customer in Spanish at the clothing store I work in part-time!

The experience was enthralling. I was able to greet the gentleman at the store, find the items he was looking for, and run his purchase through the register without a flinch. The only person more shocked than myself for being able to do it was my Manager who had had no idea I was secretly using Rosetta Stone at home!

I just wanted to thank you for creating this outstanding product. I never knew learning another language could be so fun, and the sense of achievement as I passed each milestone test has grown and grown.

Like your commercials on TV say: IT WORKS! I’m a true believer. I can’t wait until I can start taking another language after! Thank you Rosetta Stone… your product has helped my career, my confidence, and given me hope that when I travel down south this winter, I’ll be part of the conversation for real!

Sincerely yours,

Tim Campbell
Ottawa, Canada

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