The 10 Most Unique Hotels in the World

Travel is exciting! From planning your adventures to finally arriving at your long-anticipated home away from home, there’s not much that can beat the joy of being on vacation—except maybe the hotel itself. Continuing our series that shares some of the world’s most exciting places to go and things to see, we’re pleased to present to you some of the most unique hotels in the world.

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  • JW Marriott Marquis. Taking vacation accommodations to new heights, this hotel may soon be out-measured.
  • Dasparkhotel. Repurposing at its finest—these tiny digs are home base for travelers looking for something a little different.
  • Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan. Proof positive that lovely surroundings are as much to a hotel’s success as the hotel itself.
  • Giraffe Manor. No need to crane your neck to see the locals at this unique destination. 
  • The Sandcastle Hotel. From small beginnings come great things—until it rains.
  • Jules Undersea Lodge. Adherence to dress code—including oxygen tanks—is required to enter these lodgings.
  • Icehotel. Parents will delight that the Frozen soundtrack doesn’t play over the ambient music system in this chilly palace.
  • Hằng Nga, aka “Crazy House.” Lord of the Rings fans may fancy themselves in the Elven forest of Lothlórien when slipping in and out of this hotel’s façade.
  • Kakslauttanen. If you can say this hotel’s name three times fast, your first night is free. (Just kidding. But it would be impressive!)
  • The Old Mount Gambier Gaol. Guests stay behind bars in every room—shackles not included.

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Hello, and welcome to Rosetta Stone TV. Today I’m highlighting 10 of the world’s most unusual hotels. More than just stopovers, these hotels are destinations in and of themselves.

Looming at number ten is the world’s tallest hotel: JW Marriott Marquis Dubai. At 1166 ft. this building is currently recognized as the tallest hotel in the world. But Marriott may eclipse its own star with plans to build an even taller structure in New York City so stay tuned on that one.

Next, number nine on the list, is one of the smallest hotels in the world. At the Park Hotel in , Germany, the actual hotel rooms are repurposed drain pipes. Furniture is simple: just a bed and an electrical outlet that fits snuggly into the space. This former purification plant is located next to a scenic bicycle route and boasts “pay as you wish” pricing.

Our list of wacky hotels continues with the oldest hotel in the world. Nisiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Hayakawa, Japan has been around since 705 CE. Sitting at the intersection of the Hayakawa and Yukawa rivers, this location has its stunning location and natural hot springs to thank for its enduring success. It’s been in business for over 1,300 years.

Number seven on our list is a place that totally encourages wild behavior. That’s because guests at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi Kenya share their digs with resident giraffes. Originally built as a private home in 1932, the manor now houses 25 visitors at a time- giraffes not included.

The Sandcastle Hotel in Weymouth, UK is next on our list of unusual hotels, but unfortunately it’s not accepting reservations. The hotel was built in 2008 from over 1000 tons of sand. Guests paid ten pounds a night to stay in the hotel’s single room, without a roof or bathroom facilities. But as you can only imagine, the hotel’s fragile construction meant it couldn’t survive a good rain.

Number five is the Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, FL. Here guests dive 21 feet before surfacing in an underwater clubhouse. You may have to jump through hoops to get in, but once inside you’ll enjoy compressed air, hot showers, a fully stocked hotel, and of course stellar views of life under the sea.

If you want to put your accommodations on ice, our next hotel might have your number. Built entirely out of ice and snow from the Torne River, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. Ice Hotel features luxury suites sculpted by famous artists as well as an ice bar. Each night guests staying in the hotel check out sleeping bags from the reception desk before retiring to their chilly rooms.

Number three, is a hotel that’s nicknamed “Crazy House” and for good reason. The exterior of the Hang Nga guest house in Vietnam resembles a hollowed-out tree trunk. Designed by architect Đặng Việt Nga, and inspired by Antoni Gaudí the hotel as accepted guests since 1990.

If gazing at the northern lights is your priority, take a look at our number 2 hotel. From snow igloos to log cabins Hotel Kakslauttanen in Saariselkä, Finland offers a choice of accommodations. We recommend the hotels futuristic glass igloos, for views you won’t find anywhere else.

And finally on our list: we have The Old Mount Gambier Gaol in Mt. Gambior, Australia.
Converting old prison buildings into hotels isn’t a new idea, but this one was a functioning prison as recently as 1995. Guests can opt to stay in former prison cells or wardens office, and take advantage of the modern correctional charm.

That’s it for the list of the world’s 10 most unusual hotels. You’ve seen the oldest, tallest, coldest, and boldest accommodations out there. Where will you be making your reservations? Thanks for watching!


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