The Language of Beauty

There is nothing like going back to review units in your Rosetta Stone language software. After having been buried in work for the last several months with little time for my Vietnamese, I sat down today to get back to studying and was prompted to do the Adaptive Recall, which I did. It was so helpful!

To me, this is an under-recognized feature of Rosetta Stone that I love. Although I have gone through each lesson multiple times to strengthen my language-learning experience, I wouldn’t really have to because Rosetta Course is designed to naturally and automatically take you back through the important stuff.

As I was doing this review, the first thing that struck me was how much I really have remembered. The second thing I thought was, “I can hardly wait to try out more of this on my neighbor, who is Vietnamese.”

We speak on the phone fairly frequently and we have a great system of trading services. I help her learn how to use the computer and she invites me to come to her salon for pedicures, manicures, etc.

When I arrive at the salon, I greet Khanh with, “Chào em, có khỏe không? She responds, “Tôi khỏe, cảm ơn, chị. Chị có khỏe không?” Trying to expand my vocabulary use, I say something other than I am fine. I sometimes say, “Tôi lạnh,” “Tôi nóng,” “Tôi mệt,” or “Tôi khát,” whether or not I really am cold, hot, tired, or thirsty.

She laughs and then usually says something like she has been working all day.   While I am getting my beauty treatment, she speaks some more to me in Vietnamese and asks me if I understand her. I definitely catch more and more the farther I get into my study of Vietnamese with Rosetta Stone.

I can tell her what color nail polish I want. I usually choose traditional colors: “Tôi muốn màu đỏ.” One time when she gave me a pedicure, I asked for blue!

Today, after going through several sessions of Adaptive Recall, I was excited to phone her to arrange a time to help her with her computer. We had a more extensive conversation because of my studies. We said the usual greetings, and then Iasked her what she was doing. She told me she was cửa hàng thực phẩm. I knew she really was at the grocery store because I could indeed hear the familiar store sounds in the background. I said, “Tôi đang lái xe oto đến nhà của mẹ tôi.” And I really was driving to my mother’s house at that moment.

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