The Most Powerful Language in the World: English

English adds to global success. 

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We are unlikely to be surprised when we learn that a company is now doing business globally, or here in the United States for the first time. Technology, markets, and cultures naturally draw people and businesses together. When that happens, using English is still a common way to communicate.

Many reasons tip us off to reasons for using English when you power up your first impression around the globe. Even with 500 million fewer native speakers than Mandarin, English takes the #1 spot based on opportunities using English creates, even globally.

English ranked the highest in all five categories the World Economic Forum considered when it created the Power Language Index. Languages were evaluated for the opportunities they create in travel, business, communications, knowledge and media, and international diplomacy.

When mergers occur, English is often the common language of companies joining ranks. Large companies such as Audi, KLM, and Honda have even named English as their official language.

Key English phrases and business protocol tips can also help when doing business in the US, such as:

  • It is generally not necessary to wait for someone to introduce you; it is very common to introduce yourself to people whom you have not previously met.
  • Do not be surprised if people you do not know greet you in a friendly manner and begin talking to you.
  • A familiar part of introductions is sharing cards. The standard “Here is my card.” is often accompanied by an informal phrase. For example, “Let’s keep in touch. Here is my business card.”
  • Cards may be exchanged at the beginning or end of a meeting, or at any point when the need for contact information arises. Note that some of your US counterparts may prefer to exchange information electronically.
  • A more advanced way to say “It is nice to meet you.” is “I am pleased to make your acquaintance.”

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We hope our countdown series will add to your business success in languages and cultures different from your own. Thank you for joining us.

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