The Must-have EdTech Solutions for Your Language Classroom

eLearning language solutions demo for K12Personalized language learning fosters success for every student, every day. That is why we’ve spent the last few blog posts highlighting the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite for K-12 — because we want to help you support individual learning styles and abilities.

New interactive video

We started introducing an exciting, interactive video that gives a broad overview of the Suite, which includes Rosetta Stone® Foundations, Rosetta Stone® Advantage, and Rosetta Stone® Custom Solutions. The video has two tracks: one focusing on how the Suite can help schools address English Language Learner needs and the other discussing how the suite can be used to bolster world language learning in the K-12 space.

Informative webinar

The second post highlighted a webinar that is currently available on-demand. In it, representatives from Rosetta Stone discussed the language-related challenges being faced by the country’s K-12 schools, including ELL growth and global economic trends, and how the Language Learning Suite can help schools work toward improvement in those areas.

Focus on Rosetta Stone® Foundations

We also spent some time going in depth with Foundations, our product for beginning to intermediate learners. We featured demonstration videos covering what is involved in a Foundations lesson, the games and activities that help learners become more engaged with their curriculum, and the powerful live tutoring features that help students truly attain proficiency.

The features of Rosetta Stone® Advantage

We saved Advantage—our customizable solution for intermediate to advanced learners—for last. Advantage gives more control over which lessons are presented to students, making sure they only spend their valuable learning time on what they need to succeed at the next level. It also gives students the opportunity to learn more about the real-world culture of their target country, which can pay dividends once students reach college and career.

We’ve really enjoyed this series. It’s helped us all get excited at the prospects for the upcoming school year and how much difference educators can make in a student’s success.

We hope we can have a role in that process. Once you’ve gone through all of this information, please give us an opportunity to demo these exciting products for you and let us discuss how the Rosetta Stone Language Learning Suite for K-12 can help in your particular situation.

To request a free, personalized demo, please fill out this form.

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