The Power of Language: Building Relationships and Bridging Gaps

0417-giftoflanguage-blog-440x325Sharing a language brings people together. Fortunately, so does sharing a cultural vision with like-minded organizations. Global Citizen Year, Youth for Understanding, and Language Matters are three programs closely aligned with our own Rosetta Stone Enterprise and Education mission.

As partners, we believe students need to develop global cultural competence and language skills that will contribute to their world readiness.

Global Citizen Year

Global Citizen Year transforms gap years into bridge years for talented high school graduates ready to gain real-world experience before pursuing college or careers.

This Oakland-based nonprofit’s program combines cultural immersion, cross-sector apprenticeships, and leadership training in an arc that aligns with an academic year.

Building self-awareness and global skills in Brazil, Ecuador, Senegal, or India enables GCY Fellows to explore their global identity and develop their global competency.

Fellows use Rosetta Stone® programs to gain a familiarity with their new language before leaving, and again later to study the languages needed to communicate with their new neighbors.

Youth for Understanding

Since 1951, Youth for Understanding has been a global leader in nonprofit international exchanges and now works in more than 50 countries.

YFU believes that full culture immersion is an effective path to advance intercultural understanding, mutual respect, and social responsibility through educational exchanges for youth, families, and communities.

Through YFU, more than 260,000 students have expanded their cultural awareness and acceptance of other ways to live and to learn.

Rosetta Stone has provided 100 U.S. FYU students with access to online language-learning programs. This allowed them to start lessons before leaving and to continue after they joined their host families, helping to increase community, family, and educational engagement.

Language Matters

The American Councils for International Education advances the study of critical languages and cultures by young Americans.

Language Matters (#LanguageMatters) is an American Councils campaign that seeks to strengthen language learning in the United States and promote national communications and awareness around this initiative.

Individuals, businesses, and universities become involved in #LanguageMatters to help the next generation of leaders cultivate peace and mutual understanding in a world drawn closer by technology and communications.

Rosetta Stone is an official #LanguageMatters campaign sponsor, and together our goal is to create awareness focused on tomorrow’s workforce.

Partners working together to provide creative language and cultural education paths for our students expand their developing world readiness.

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