The Top 5 Languages Learned in K-12

top 5, top languages, Rosetta Stone, online language learningAs the world’s leader in online language learning, Rosetta Stone can uniquely provide insight into the world’s language trends, the languages that are currently in demand, and what the future may hold in communication. To that end, the company recently announced the top five languages being learned in K-12 school districts, both in the US and globally.

In the US, these languages take the top spots:

  1. Latin American Spanish
  2. American English
  3. French
  4. Castilian Spanish
  5. German

English is quickly moving up the charts in the US as English Language Learning students start taking a larger role in the nation’s schools.

Judy Verses, President of Rosetta Stone’s Global Enterprise & Education Division, noted ELL students represent the fastest growing segment of the K-12 population and it is predicted that this segment will grow to 40% by 2030. “As shifting demographics, globalization and the adoption of cost-efficient technology-based products continue to increase, so does the need and demand for world languages,” she said.

Globally, the list was the same except with British English replacing German.

Equipping students with language enables them to differentiate themselves from other candidates in a competitive job market and, ultimately, positions them for professional success,” added Ms. Verses.

Rosetta Stone provides innovative, adaptive learning solutions to thousands of schools worldwide, supporting both English and World Language learning. Their systems provide a supplement to high quality classroom instruction; delivering students much needed practice in critical speaking and in-person communication skills. Because the content delivery is adaptive, students work at their own pace and make gains in the most efficient way possible.

Language learning also provides one of the most sought after skills in the 21st century economy: cultural competency that allows workers to collaborate and produce with multinational teams in far-flung locations.

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