The True Numbers Behind International Student Success

The number of international students studying in the U.S. is already at a record high, and it seems set to increase as institutions continue to recruit more aggressively abroad.

Having significant numbers of students from around the world is an important source of tuition revenue and fosters a global learning experience – but only if those students can participate in and succeed in their various courses, as well as engage socially with fellow students from diverse backgrounds.

We recently created an infographic that illustrates some of the key challenges and opportunities impacting international student success. Click to view the full-size version of the infographic.

International Student Success Infographic

We recognize that there are challenges surrounding a dramatic increase in international students that, some say, has not always been planned strategically or funded adequately in order to provide necessary services. At the same time, we have seen institutions around the world thoughtfully develop gateway programs to help improve students’ language and academic skills in preparation for their course of study.

We firmly believe that the opportunities outweigh the challenges in this area – do you?

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