[Guide] 5 Steps to Successful Language Training

Forbes Insights, Rosetta Stone Business, language training, business successWe recently teamed up with our friends at Forbes Insights to conduct a survey of more than 200 executives around the world about the current language needs in enterprise and what companies are doing to meet their goals. Those results are available in the new comprehensive report, Best in Class: How Enterprises Succeed with Language Learning Programs.

Not only did the survey reveal the current language challenges facing companies, but what successful firms are doing to make themselves more competitive in this multinational economy. We’ve taken those results and formulated them into a 5-Step Guide to Successful Language Training.

We start with how to determine the value of language learning for your individual business based on your goals and the existing skills found within your workforce – the same process our survey respondents said was most valuable to them.

Of course, uncovering those existing skills within your employees is critical. What’s the easiest, most effective way to conduct a language audit. What are the most-used tools and strategies? We reveal those answers and more.

Download your copy of 5-Step Guide to Successful Language Training.

Once you know where your business stands, it’s time to set your goals for moving forward. What are your firm’s needs both now and in the future? Those goals should be reflected both in your enterprise-wide strategy and in the individual employee development plans of your workers.

Then it’s time to move forward. What does a successful implementation look like? Are you making the right tools available to your learners? What are some key performance indicators you can measure to know if you’re achieving success, both externally and internally? For instance, many companies include customer satisfaction and feedback as a main KPI for language learning success.

This guide makes it easy for executives to go from knowing they need to take action toward improved enterprise language skills to making their firms more competitive in a crowded multinational landscape. 

Download your copy of 5-Step Guide to Successful Language Training.

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