Top 10 Reasons for Integrating EdTech in the Language-Learning Classroom

blended instruction, world language classroom, language learning, webinarTechnology can have the same positive effects in the language classroom as it can in any other subject area, yet language teachers can be a bit more reticent to bringing blended learning into their practice. That’s the idea behind our new webinar, The Classroom Advantage: Exploring the Benefits of Blended Instruction in the World Language Classroom, on January 13th at 6:00 PM ET.

But for an overview of some of the topics we will be covering during this informative talk, let’s go into the top 10 reasons why you should bring EdTech into your classroom.

1. Differentiated learning
Students can work at their own pace using the learning styles that most appeal to them.

2. 21st century skills
Students who are best prepared with using technology are more marketable in today’s economy.

3. Flexibility within your curriculum
Blended learning solutions are powerful enough to augment your existing curriculum. No reinventing the wheel.

4. Cultural awareness
Students not only learn how to speak a language, but also the history and culture of their target country or countries.

5. More speaking practice
The typical class period doesn’t allow for each student to practice speaking skills for longer than a few minutes. Personalized learning increases that amount exponentially.

6. In-depth reporting
At any time, you can see what skills a student has mastered and what they still need to accomplish in order to stay on track.

7. Always-on learning
Online learning is available 24/7, making practice available at any time from anywhere.

8. Makes BYOD possible
Devices are expensive. Having the ability to allow students to use their own devices to complete their work is key in many schools’ technology plans.

9. Students are more engaged
Research is showing that students become more engaged with the material when they are working online.

10. Collaboration and sharing are easy
Contrary to belief, online learning actually makes collaboration with fellow students and teachers easier. It’s also simpler to share progress and developing skills with others.

To learn more about the importance of integrating EdTech in the language-learning classroom, join us on January 13th at 6:00 PM ET for our live webinar.

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