Top 10 Reasons To Love Rosetta Stone

portuguese top 10I love Rosetta Stone® Version 4 TOTALe™, and here are my ten reasons why:

  1. Simplicity. Even with the abundance of new features in TOTALe, the user experience is simple, and you always know what to do next. There’s even a button you can just click to proceed to the next recommended activity.
  2. Comfort. Community activities in Rosetta World™ are safe (and fun and productive!). You don’t need to worry about awkward moments of silence or about someone saying something that makes you uncomfortable. The community experience is all about practicing your language skills through engaging games—they’re at your level, and your practice partners are mutually invested in the outcome.
  3. Easy, unlimited scheduling. Booking or canceling a live practice session with a native tutor is super easy—it takes just one click. Our stats show that learners who do one Rosetta Studio™ session keep coming back for more.
  4. Motivation. Proof that you’re learning in Rosetta CourseTM is manifest in every Rosetta Studio session. When you spend 60 minutes conversing in your target language without ever breaking into your native tongue, and you find yourself able to understand and respond, you know that you’re successfully learning the language. It’s a very powerful “ah ha moment, and it’s tremendously motivating.
  5. Privacy. Neither your game-playing partners nor your Rosetta Studio tutors know your real identity, nor can they see you via webcam. No one knows if you’re having a bad hair day, are in your PJs, or . . .
  6. 24 languages! Twenty-four languages are available at launch (including less commonly taught ones like Irish), and it feels great that we’re able to leverage our platform to go beyond the mainstream Spanish, English, and French.
  7. On-the-go innovation. The Rosetta Stone TOTALe Mobile Companion™ lets me do cool stuff on my iPhone® when I’m away from my computer. And, since the speech-recognition technology runs locally, it works even if I lose my wireless connection.
  8. Superior sound quality. We give you a first-rate headset with microphone so that our excellent audio comes through consistently, and so that there are no barriers to easy conversation practice.
  9. Native speakers. Our Rosetta Studio tutors are fantastic and they love what they do. Their passion is apparent from the moment you start interacting with them. These native speakers provide positive guidance, so you’ll never feel as though you’re being graded.
  10. Personal success agents. Members of our Customer Success Team are crazy about learners’ success, and they work around your schedule to keep progress on track. If you fall behind on your own study plan, they reach out, but they don’t pester. Our Customer Success agents are there for you—it’s a level of service unheard of in our industry.

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  • K.

    This sounds really neat! However since I bought my set only a year ago would love to see an upgrade available for purchase. Or maybe a trade in/trade up program. Don’t want to spend another $500 just to get the iphone applications.

    • rvoiceadmin

      @K. Hi. All Version 3 customers can upgrade to Version 4 for just $49. You can visit this link to find more information: You can also contact us at 1800-767-3882 to upgrade or give us your number through the Support tab above so that we can contact you! When you upgrade to Version 4, you will have access to the Mobile Companion, which is the app for the iPhone/iTouch. Later this year we will be releasing a stand-alone iPhone/iTouch app as well.

  • KOL

    I would love this, (I’m learning Irish alone, I can’t find anyone who speaks a word)….but just called customer service—I use an Android smartphone rather than an IPhone, and am very disappointed to hear that no app would be available for that…and the rep couldn’t tell me if that would ever be available. Is there some kind of a financial arrangement between Apple and RS?

    That being said, he couldn’t give me much of an explanation of how the “on-line” sessions would work….so I’m fairly sure it isn’t worth an upgrade for me…and that is disappointing since I love learning Irish, but am having to try to supplement RS with multiple other sources.

    • rvoiceadmin

      @KOL. Hi! Thanks for asking. You can learn more about our online RosettaSTUDIO sessions here. The upgrade to TOTALe Version 4 will provide you with access to Rosetta World and Rosetta Studio. Rosetta World is an online community in which you can play games and interact with other Irish learners. Rosetta Studio allows you access to native Irish-speaking Coaches. You can schedule sessions with a Coach and up to three others Irish learners. During the sessions, your Coach is there to help you understand and build on material that you have learned during your Course lessons. You can easily upgrade by visiting our website at

      The Rosetta Stone Mobile Companion currently is available only on the iPhone or iTouch. We will be releasing the Mobile Companion as a stand-alone product in the near future, so stay tuned for details. Let us know if you have more questions!

  • Carl

    I wanted to know when you upgrade from version 3 to version 4 are you getting exactly the same experience one would get who purcases version 4 in all aspects? I am also refering to the instaled version on the computer is upgrade exactley the same as someone who buys version 4? Also can you still add the more advanced levels like level 4 and level 5 later on after the upgrade?

    • rvoiceadmin

      Hi, Carl. Please call us at 1.800.767.3882 so we can better answer your questions about upgrading to Rosetta Stone Version 4 TOTALe.

  • Dave

    How about an app for Droid?

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi, Dave. Thanks for visiting our Blog. We are very interested in expanding our product offerings to other platforms and mobile devices, like the Droid. We invite you to fill out a request on our website here: We will keep you updated; stay tuned!

  • Herschel

    I’m impressed by the snappy responses!

    Speaking of androids, will the stand alone app be on the android market as well, or still exclusively iphone/ipad?

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi, Herschel. Currently, we have an app, called the TOTALe Mobile Companion, available on iPhone/iPod Touch. We are very excited about the possibilities surrounding other platforms like the Android as well. You can stay updated on new releases here on our Blog or by visiting us on Facebook ( or Twitter ( Stay tuned and feel free to ask us any other questions you may have!

  • Dave

    I already use TOTALe Spanish and Ilike it alot! I would just like an app for my Droid asK don’t use Apple products. Thank you for your response. Any time frame for the Droid app?

  • cara_mia

    Any idea on when an Android app might be available? I’m reluctant to purchase yet because I currently have Blackberry. I am not interested in an iphone or an ipod touch. I’m probably going to switch to an Android based phone in July. If the Android app is going to be available soon, I will wait a bit longer before I purchase RS.

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi Cara, thank you so much for letting us know about your plans. At this time, we are not announcing any new TOTALe Mobile Companion platforms, or any new tablet platforms for Rosetta Stone. Keep in touch with us through the blog, and we’ll try to give you the most updated information as it comes to us. And thank you for your interest! We appreciate hearing your thoughts.

  • Carlo

    So far, I am really impressed with RosettaStone Italiano!
    I am not stopping until I am comfortable carrying on a conversation with a native Italian speaker! I’ll get there!

    • Rosetta Stone

      Great Carlo! If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us!

  • Thomas Pietsch

    Just to confirm, it sounds as if last year you were working on an Android app but now there are no plans to go down this path. Is that correct? I’m an Android user and don’t know if I’d commit to RS unless I was assured of compatibility.

    Thanks for keeping up this forum.


  • JB3

    Beginner question: if I have purchased the Spanish desktop version is there a discount for the mobile version?

    • Rosetta Stone

      If you have TOTALe, then you can download the Mobile Companion for iPhone and iPod Touch for free from the App store. If you don’t have Version 4 TOTALe, then you do not have a compatible mobile app.

  • Yvonne

    Hi, I’m a little confused. If I want to learn let’s say Spanish using RS, do I have to buy the CD-ROM version and the can use it on my iphone and ipad or is it a different purchase to use it on those platforms?

  • David

    You have an online version ($199 for 3 mos), but if I buy the program it also says it gives me 3 months online. Does that mean that if I buy the program it includes the equivalent of the $199 online version as well as the disk based program?

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi David, with the online subscription you get Rosetta World, Course, and Studio for a limited time. A single user can access this from any computer with internet. When you order the program, you get Course disks that last forever and then Studio and World for a limited time. Five users can access TOTALe, using one centralized computer. If you have additional questions about the differences, please give us a call at (877) 434-8913.

  • David

    I want to make sure I understand your response regarding online subscriptions. If I purchase, say, a 3 month ($199) subscription, can more than one person in my house access that subscription?

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi David, to answer your questions, we have two kinds of subscriptions. Version 4 TOTALe includes online features for a subscription period, as well as the disks (which you can keep forever). It can be used on one computer by up to five learners. The Complete Online Access is only for one person, but you can access it from any computer with internet. Complete Online Acces DOES NOT offer Rosetta World, Rosetta Studio or the TOTALe Mobile Companion. It consists of the Version 3 Course. If you want Rosetta World and Rosetta Studio, you’ll need to purchase the Version 4 TOTALe package (disks and subscription). For some languages, we don’t offer Version 4 TOTALe…so there would be no Rosetta World and Rosetta Studio component available for that language. If you have additional questions, give us a call at (877) 434-8913.

  • David

    Oh, sorry, one other question. Does the disk based program include access to the same online material that the online subscription includes?

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  • http://yahoo chris schickel

    i love rosetta stone

    • Rosetta Stone

      Thanks, Chris! We’re glad you’re part of the language-learning family!

  • http://google chris schickel

    i like rosetta stone

  • Jeremiah

    I bought Spanish Latin America a little over a year ago. I LOVE THE PROGRAM!! This has been my problem though, I was very good at staying focused for like 2-3 months, then I fell off for a few months, then back on for a few months, now I’ve been off again for like 6 months. Each time I stop, I feel bad about it for a few reasons, first it was so expensive and I’m not using it, second, I basically have to start over because I forgot so much, etc…
    So I guess I have a few questions. First, the Customer Success Team sounds fantastic, is that only available for the version 4 users?? (and if it is a version 4 option, is it only available during the active subscription time or a permanent option??). Second, I see this has been asked many times, but not very recently, I use android based phones, and I’m anti i-phone for some reason (I don’t really know why), but are there plans to release android based companion software?? Third, if I do the $49 dollar upgrade to version 4 do I need to purchase it from the computer that I do RS on, when I bought it, I got two licenses, will the upgrade only be available for one of the licenses?? Fourth, if I upgrade, does it come with the 3mo subscription?? Well I guess that’s good for now I’m currently getting back on the Rosetta Stone bandwagon and I guess I’m looking for additional motivation and ease of use/portability. Sorry this is so long, thank you in advance for your help by answering these questions.
    Jeremiah L.

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi Jeremiah, the Customer Success Team is intended for Version 4 TOTALe and online subscription users. But you will never be turned away if you call for support! Let us know how we can help you, and we will do our best to assist. As far as Android apps, we currently have no application for Android, nor do we have any plans to release one in the immediate future. Also, when you upgrade, you do not need to do it on the same computer you will be using. You do get 3-months subscription free, and the upgrade will give you one license. Thanks for your questions!

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  • Werner Fortmann

    I also think it would be great to have the Rosetta Stone app for Android. I don’t really understand the logic behind not developing an app for Android as it is now the largest smart phone mobile platform globally and likely to increase market share for the foreseeable future. I would be interested to find out why Rosetta stone isn’t developing an app for Android – fragmentation issues? iPhone users easier to monetize?

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi Werner, we do plan to expand to more platforms in the future, so please stay tuned!

  • John Penny

    Rosetta Stone needs to open its eyes and discover the huge market for Android users out there. We are close to iDevice users in numbers. It seems very short sighted to make a statement that Rosetta Stone has no plane to support Android. And, it will cost you many customers – guaranteed. I sincerely hope that you change your direction and incorporate Android support into your excellent products in the near future.

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi John, thanks for your comment. We hope to expand to more platforms one day.

  • Maria

    Hi! I wanted to know how many lessons in the rosetta studio do I have acces to. Can I take as many lessons as I want in the same level? do you guys have a limit? can I book a lesson everyday in the same level?
    Thank you


    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi Maria, if you’re talking about Studio sessions, you can take as many as you like! There is a built-in limit to how many you can schedule at one time, in order to prevent cancellations. However, if you wanted to do a Level 1 Unit 1 Studio session 75 times, you could. Thanks for your question.

  • Peter

    Hi! I had V3 Japanese 1-3, and upgraded to V4 very easily, and for only £39. Thanks for thinking of your previous customers!

    I had used the iPhone and iPad apps, and think both are great. Just two issues:

    1. On the iPhone app, you have to download each lesson one by one. Is there any way to download entire units or levels at once?
    2. On the iPad app, it seems to require internet access. Would it be possible in the future to download content onto the iPad like the iPhone app? I tried to use it in the park the other day and found I couldn’t! Thankfully, I had the iPhone version so I still got in some Japanese for the day ^_^ But being able to use the iPad version (which is SO much better than the iPhone version) without an internet connection would be VERY useful indeed.

    I would also like to join in with the calls for an Android version – I know more people with Android phones than iPhones so you’re missing out a large market.


    • Rosetta Stone

      Thanks for your comments, Peter. You’re right, there is currently no way around downloading lessons individually for your iPhone and using WIFI for iPad. We appreciate your suggestions, and we’re glad that you enjoyed your upgrade!

  • Kevin

    Another vote for an android app. I really enjoy rosetta stone, but would enjoy it even more if I could use it on my android. I AM going to spend money to buy a language app, but right now, it will have to be made by a different company since rosetta stone doesn’t have a presence on android.

    • Rosetta Stone

      Thanks for your feedback, Kevin. We appreciate your comment.

  • nilo

    good day!i just want ask if ever i download the total e companion in the ipod touch once,do i ever need to update it often or do i have to get an internet connection every time to run it?Hoping to hear from knowledgeable individuals..thanks!

    • Rosetta Stone

      Once you download the lesson on your iPod Touch, you’re all set!

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