Top Employee Training Trends in 2016

0021 BUS Employee Training Trends web 300x222Education is changing rapidly, even in the workplace. Some of the trends being used in the classroom are also making the transition to the workplace. Here are some of the ideas that will continue to gain traction as 2016 moves through.

Mobile learning

This isn’t really earthshattering anymore, but employees are used to doing everything on their devices. Corporate training should be no different. The flexibility in time, location, and travel is simply too good to pass up. Mobile learning will just continue to grow as companies continue to expand to new locations.

Bite-sized content

Those same employees who want to use their devices for everything are also used to a more a la carte approach to their content. They simply are not as engaged with the idea of a weeklong training in a classroom. Training will start looking a lot more like Netflix; bite off as much as you can afford to chew with the available time you have, then be able to pick up where you left off.


In schools, online learning has started to look more like video games than textbooks. Students can earn badges or achievement points, which serve to unlock new content. The goal is to provide the same level of engagement as the games they have at home.

The same thing is starting to be applied to corporate learning. It might not be as simplistic as creating a cool avatar, but employees still want to see their progress in real time and be rewarded for their success. Training providers are starting to figure out ways to make that happen.

International learning

If employees can connect, meet, and work together across continents, the same thing applies to training. This offers a lot of opportunities for organizations. Instead of huge travel bills and time lost, employees can still feel a part of the culture and bonding that comes through training without the costs. There is also, of course, the fact that everyone would receive the same information at the same time. No wires are crossed.

Language learning

All of this ties into one of the key skills employees are seeking from their training departments: language learning. It helps them work with their international colleagues, prepare themselves for overseas assignments, and makes them more marketable in the end. All of the benefits listed above are encompassed in the latest language learning technology.

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