Top Tweets from Rosetta Stone Learners

Social media gives us a wonderful window into the world of our learners. People often share images of themselves actively learning their target language (which we love!), and they send us notes of accomplishments and funny moments that make them and us smile.

Here are some of our recent favorites.

Among our favorite stories that are shared with us are those from people who have accomplished wonderful things in their personal and professional lives. This tweet is particularly heartwarming because after a mere 12 months of studying Rosetta Stone® French, @VeryGiorgious was able to move to Réunion for work. Congratulations!

tweet reunion rosetta stone

This little man is working hard, and his mom says he’s loving learning with Rosetta Stone! Good on you, sir!

boy computer headset learning

Even if the actual Rosetta Stone were to be for sale we wouldn’t buy it. It belongs where it is for everyone to appreciate. But this is still pretty precious!


Practicing with others who are fluent isn’t such a bad idea. Support in any form while you’re learning a new language is helpful!

man computer headset rosetta stone

We love seeing the smiling faces of our learners in action! The question here is: Did he start learning German before his trip or is he cramming it all in as if he were studying for midterms? Either way, gute ReiseLet us know how your trip went!

man airplane computer twitter


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