Upcoming Webinar—Accelerate English Language Learner Success: Using Blended Learning To Complement Classroom Instruction

Blog-Webinar-Keyboard-webBlended learning offers the opportunity to transform classroom instruction for all students, but particularly those who have been classified as English Language Learners (ELLs). Online systems offer anytime/anywhere access that can multiply instruction time and bolster a student’s burgeoning skills.

Berks Technical Institute has found that out first-hand. BTI observed that their students came into the Institute with the requisite English reading and writing skills for technical work, but lacked the speaking skills that would be the difference in their careers.

They’ve found instructional design elements, leveraging Rosetta Stone® Foundations for Higher Education and the English Language Foundation courses, that build confidence for their ELLs. Their program focuses on three elements: blended learning, development of reading and writing skills, and improved oral communication skills.

In a webinar on Friday, April 10th at 3pm Eastern, Isabel Monterrosa, the program director at BTI, will share:

  • How the Institute’s ELLs have benefitted from taking their novel blended learning course
  • How to integrated technology into your own curriculum so that an interactive language learning program can complement your existing classroom instruction
  • How digital language learning accelerates skill growth in ELL students

Click here to register for the webinar.

This is a great opportunity to find out from an experienced practitioner how an online language learning program can bring your ELL instruction into a new age. Although Ms. Monterrosa’s experience is at the postsecondary level, her knowledge can translate to any educational program that serves students with developing skills in English.

Again, the webinar is on Friday, April 10th at 3pm Eastern time.

To get a sneak preview about how the program at Berks Technical Institute works and the success they’ve experienced, check out our case study.

And to find out more about our English solutions, please visit our Rosetta Stone® Foundations page.

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