[On-Demand Webinar] The Language Tutor’s New Face

BUS language tutor hr.com ondemand webinar web 300x22271 percent of business leaders plan to grow in places where English is not spoken. To help facilitate this growth, more and more businesses are turning to language learning solutions to prepare their employees to meet these new challenges.

Watch this on-demand webinar, “The Language Tutor’s New Face”, where Rosetta Stone Head of Language Learning, Lisa Frumkes, and Mariah Cajuste, Learning and Development Specialist for imaging manufacturer Olympus, discuss the changing landscape of language learning and how your business can see the same benefits as Olympus.

Click here to watch “The Language Tutor’s New Face”

In business, language challenges can take many forms. You may engage with a new supplier who doesn’t speak English. New international customers may have trouble communicating their needs and issues. And, of course, employees may be sent to foreign lands.

Lisa and Mariah discuss how your business can solve these challenges, including:

  • How HR can provide cost-efficient language training that meets the needs of the business
  • Why even virtual training needs to have a human element
  • The impact a blended virtual approach can have

It’s also valuable for you to see how a successful, renowned business like Olympus is accomplishing their language goals. With offices in Japan, Canada, and the U.S., Olympus has an international footprint that requires employees to communicate all over the globe. They’ve decided on a blended virtual approach to their language training, powered by Rosetta Stone.

In a blended virtual learning strategy, on-demand online learning is supplemented by virtual face-to-face tutoring, providing that human element that is so important when learning how to communicate in a new language. Olympus’s language learning program has successfully scaled with their recent growth, becoming a valuable part of their international development strategy.

We are sure that you will come away from this informative discussion with new ideas and a better grasp on how your business can accomplish its own language learning goals.

Click here to watch “The Language Tutor’s New Face”

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