Ursuline High School Raises the Bar for Language Learning during Language Week

Located in in London, Ursuline High School prepares its students for life in our global society. Recognizing the integral part languages play in today’s world, the school holds an annual language week each year. Organized to coincide with the European Day of Languages, this year’s event was held September 24–28 to celebrate different cultures, focus on the enrichment language brings, and educate students and the wider school community about the importance of learning languages.

In collaboration with Rosetta Stone, with whom Ursuline has partnered to offer students a wider variety of languages and more diverse study options, the school held an assembly on September 27 to open students’ eyes to the potential that language knowledge can bring. Manja Klos, training expert at Rosetta Stone, addressed the student body, highlighting the importance of solid language skills in opening up bigger and better opportunities in personal and professional development. More importantly, she emphasized, language skills are vital—regardless of one’s career path—in order to get access to higher education and succeed in a globally competitive, twenty-first-century job market. Manja also talked to students in the school’s Rosetta Stone focus group; they champion the Rosetta Stone solution by encouraging their peers to use it to learn a new language. And she talked to students in grades 9, 11, and 12 to set Ursuline’s Rosetta Stone Challenge to extend until Christmas 2012. At the end of this school-sponsored competition, the three top-performing Rosetta Stone learners will win generous book vouchers.

Melanie Guillet, head of modern foreign languages at Ursuline, is collaborating with the special-needs department to extend the use of Rosetta Stone products to students who are learners of English as an additional language (EAL), so they can practice their new language. According to Melanie, dyslexic students at Ursuline benefit as well; the images in Rosetta Stone products help them memorize spellings in a different way. Melanie has also been working to make Rosetta Stone available to EAL parents who want to increase their own knowledge of English.

At Rosetta Stone we feel Ursuline High School has raised the bar for driving language success among students, and we hope this story inspires other schools to set up similar programs.

Rebecca Marett (16) on how Rosetta Stone supports her: “As I come from a German speaking background, it has helped me to keep up my conversational skills.”

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