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EdTech, ELLs, language learning, Rosetta Stone EnglishThe nation’s population of students classified as English Language Learners is expected to make up one third of the US public school enrollment within a decade. Every district is at its own state of readiness when it comes to this fast-growing challenge, which means any solution considered should take the district’s needs into account.

Our new video, ELL Solutions for K-12, discusses how that goal is accomplished and the benefits you can bring to your students.

These ELL students swelling our schools come to us with varying skill sets, from a high level of proficiency that only needs help in academic language to the recent immigrant who knows only a few words of English. In some schools, those students could be in the same class. That makes differentiation paramount, otherwise neither student receives the instruction they need.

Lessons need to be properly scaffolded to knead out any possible knowledge gaps. Of course, each student’s scaffold will be different. The important part is that the student gains understanding systematically, leading to less frustration and more engagement.

For example, speaking practice. In the traditional in-person instructional setup, the opportunities for students to practice speaking skills are limited by time and the size of the class. But with blended learning, voice recognition technology, and online tutors, every student can use their class time to build confidence in their English speaking skills.

This speaking practice leads to a more immersive experience for the student. Research shows that immersion is the best way to learn a new language. It only makes sense to get as close to that ideal as possible in the classroom.

We do this through our three products designed specifically for the K-12 ELL space.

Rosetta Stone® Foundations provides the immersive, practical experience developing ELLs need to build skills and confidence in their new language.

Rosetta Stone® Advantage builds on Foundations, providing an advanced curriculum for intermediate to advanced learners that starts moving toward the skills students will need in the world of college and career, including specialized vocabulary for different career paths.

Rosetta Stone® Custom Solutions understands that every district is unique in how they serve their ELL students. This suite allows districts to find the solutions that reflect their philosophy, technological and staffing situation, and the needs of the community as a whole.

We hope this video can start a conversation about the possibilities for ELL education in the 21st century. Every measure of immigration rates shows that time is of the essence.

Click here to see our new video, “ELL Solutions for K-12”.

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