Virtual Workshop: Tools for Global Talent Management

virtual workshop, global talent management, language training, global businessRecently, Rosetta Stone HR Practice Lead and Senior Manager of Enterprise Marketing Sheerin Vesin and Senior Global HR Partner DeShaun Wise presented at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2015 Annual Conference.

Their talk gave attendees tips and best practices in using our new Global Talent Toolkit. Now they are bringing this popular session to you, in the form of a Virtual Workshop: Tools for Global Talent Management.

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In this enlightening presentation, Sheerin and DeShaun will lay out the case for global readiness in the workforce, including some startling and important survey results:

Businesses are leveraging emerging markets for growth. Consumption in these markets is expected to top $30 trillion in ten years! Not surprisingly, 71% of business leaders plan to grow their companies in markets where English is not the primary language. That is an unprecedented effort.

However, the American labor supply does not dovetail with those efforts. Only 1 in 10 Americans speak a second language and 70% of the Global 1000 workforce are non-native English speakers. Home or abroad, there isn’t enough talent to meet our global aspirations.

This all fits with 90% of business line leaders reporting that their teams face language proficiency challenges. But, remarkably, only 33% of those leaders consult their HR departments to help them solve these language challenges.

We have come up with a solution that allows businesses to discuss what their international goals are, what their current workforce is capable of, and how the two can meet.

The Global Talent Toolkit

The solution starts with our Global Talent Toolkit. These free tools help business line leaders work with HR departments in a systematic fashion:

  • The process begins with a survey meant to be distributed company-wide. It helps you document the skills that already exist within your organization and where shortcomings may exist.
  • The talent map matches the existing skills captured in the survey with the international growth plans of the business to see exactly where you need to focus your language training time and dollars.
  • Reinvent your employee development plans to reflect these needs. We provide a sample plan that infuses your existing plan with your newfound focus on language learning. After that, your employees are clear on how they can prepare themselves to compete in the global economy.

Download your copy of the Global Talent Toolkit now

Once more, register for Sheerin and DeShaun’s informative Virtual Workshop: Tools for Global Talent Management and learn how to use the Global Talent Toolkit.

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