[Webinar] Successful Language Learning in Out-of-School Time

Education webinar, language learning, K-12, Rosetta StoneRosetta Stone invites you to its upcoming webinar, “Access is Everything: Successful Language Learning in Out-of-School Time“, to be presented Tuesday, May 9, from 3:00 p.m. — 4:00 p.m. EDT.

This live session will be led by Preetom Bhattacharya, Coordinator EL, Title I, Special Programs and Services at Huntington Beach City School District, CA. Join us as he shares:

  • Why extending access to language learning makes sense
  • Tips to establish an out-of-school language-learning program
  • Strategies to boost student engagement

Register for Access is Everything: Successful Language Learning in Out-of-School Time.

School districts have limited time and resources to devote to language learning. Yet, having multilingual skills has emerged as a success factor for students’ world readiness.

K-12 language programs prepare graduates to enter the global society with confidence and allow students to gain the cognitive and academic benefits language learning provides.

Developing bilingual skills increases students’ ability to improve their mental flexibility and working memories. In addition, learning a new language strengthens students’ ability to understand abstract concepts better than their monolingual peers.

Working in global teams, which many of today’s students will, requires the ability to communicate in a multilingual environment. Most American students still lag behind their peers in other countries in their knowledge of a second language.

How can K-12 educators ensure that students have enough time to build their learning and speaking skills in a new language?

Successful language learning follows more than one path.

Join us for this presentation on the value of extending language learning to out-of-school time. Mr. Bhattacharya will address how educators can develop or expand existing programs to increase students’ access to language learning.

After-school, before-school, and summer programs provide rich learning opportunities for students’ to add language learning to their schedule. Using online learning solutions, out-of-school language programs can align with classroom instruction taking place during the school day.

For students, their language success is based in the development and frequent reinforcement of actual speaking and listening lessons and activities.

You and your colleagues are invited to this live, interactive webinar. Learn how implementing an out-of-school language-learning program is beneficial for both students and staff.

Register for Access is Everything: Successful Language Learning in Out-of-School Time.

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