What Can You Gain from Learning a Language with Rosetta Stone?

We receive a lot of lovely feedback in our various social media channels from people who are learning with Rosetta Stone products. Back in September we heard from Meagan Pelletier on our Facebook page. We were so pleased to hear about her accomplishments that we reached out to her and asked if she’d be willing to share her story here.

Guest post by Meagan Pelletier

Rosetta Stone Review

Growing up, my best friend was Italian. I saw how fun and how full of life his family was. I was always admiring of and envious of the culture. Then, a few years ago, my sister married an Italian whose family has only been in Canada for two generations. His mother and his grandfather don’t really speak English. For me, that was further motivation to try learning Italian. I had bought more than one set of language-learning products that had books and software, but I found them very piecemeal and kind of confusing.

I purchased Rosetta Stone Italian Levels 1–4 last March. I realized it was fun as soon as I started using it. It was very easy to end up spending at least an hour a day using it. However, if I was pressed for time I sometimes missed a day or spent only a half hour on it. I point this out because I finished Levels 1–4 in less than four months. That is how much I liked it and how effective I found it.

“It is great that Rosetta Stone has speaking, listening, reading, writing, and grammar.”

Young, woman, smiling, purple, jacketAs someone whose background is in education and teaching French as a second language, I can also tell you that the approach Rosetta Stone uses is a sound one. It’s great that the program does not use any English, but uses images. It appeals to many different learning styles because using the software is hands-on and it uses images and sounds throughout. I found the program to be very thorough. Many language-learning programs focus solely on grammar or speaking. It is great that Rosetta Stone has speaking, listening, reading, writing, and grammar.

After completing Levels 1–4, I was able to write messages back and forth with Italian-speaking friends. I also found out that the Italian Embassy in my city has a library of books and movies that can be borrowed. After borrowing some books and movies, I found out that the embassy has a book club and a movie club. I decided to join the book club. I was able to read a whole novel. I don’t claim to understand every word, but I was definitely able to get the gist of what was being said. Also, when I went to the Italian movie club, my husband would come along even though he doesn’t speak Italian. I would translate for him during the movie. He was really impressed by how much I could figure out. On top of this, when I have used my Italian at the embassy or the book club, people have been very complimentary. The book club is led by a woman who teaches Italian at a university. She had the impression that I had taken one of her Italian courses. That made me laugh as I had only studied Italian through Rosetta Stone. I would say that’s a sign of what Rosetta Stone software can do. Many people could not believe that I had simply spent a few months using Rosetta Stone. The people at the embassy even commented on liking my Italian accent.

“Using the program has even enhanced my passion for Italian culture.”

I have also made a new friend because of learning Italian. I met a really nice woman who works at the embassy and she contacted me afterward to offer me some books and movies from her private collection. She is very impressed with the progress I’ve made and for the obvious enthusiasm I have for all things Italian. Using the program has even enhanced my passion for Italian culture.

I think that using Rosetta Stone helped my confidence a lot. I was worried that after finishing the program, I would start to forget things and lose it quite quickly. However, when I went back to reviewing it, I was still scoring very high and had really not lost much at all. I applied for jobs with several airlines overseas that had positions requiring Italian because I felt so good about how I did learning Italian with Rosetta Stone. My church may send me on a trip to Italy to do some work within our denomination in the future, as well.

“Rosetta Stone showed me that it is really possible to pick up another language quickly.”

Since I studied language in the past, I wondered if maybe I was just successful with Italian because I had a knack for it. But Rosetta Stone showed me that it really is possible to pick up a new language quickly. I have far more confidence now that I could make great progress at learning another language with Rosetta Stone.

I would really love to get another Rosetta Stone course. I wanted to start another one as soon as I finished the Italian. Let’s just say that if my tax return is good like last year, my first priority will be to get more Rosetta Stone software. I am very glad I invested in it the first time.

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