Infographic: Why Your Talent Needs to Be More Global-Ready

Making your workforce global-ready is key to your organization’s future. Research showsHR may not realize the extent to which language and cultural barriers impact their business. that over 70 percent of business leaders are planning to grow their business in regions where English is not spoken and where cultural differences abound. The ability to speak the language of customers, partners, suppliers, and new employees on the ground in those markets is foundational to building their trust. And having the intercultural dexterity to interact with those groups respectfully is essential to keeping that trust over the long term. Knowledge of language and culture builds those critical bridges that enable organizations to grow in the multicultural and multinational marketplace.

Studies now show that the ability to speak a language and communicate in a culturally sensitive manner moves the needle on results – both hard business results, and softer indicators like employee engagement and retention.

But what often surprises HR leaders is just how much language and cultural training impact an employee’s confidence, productivity, loyalty, and ability to serve diverse customers or internal stakeholders. And what surprises them even more is how often these needs remained hidden from view.

View the full infographic to find out more about just how much global readiness training impacts multinational companies and their workforce.

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