Women and Success in the Global Marketplace

women in the workforce, professional women, global economyAnnually on March 8th, International Women’s Day provides an opportunity to reflect on how important women are to our society, what they have accomplished throughout history, and how they can become even more successful in their endeavors.

To signify International Women’s Day, Training Journal consulted Rosetta Stone President of Global Enterprise and Education, Judy Verses, on her views toward success for women in the international marketplace. Her insights included:

  • Establishing a positive culture
  • Allowing your partner and boss to help you achieve work/life balance
  • Grabbing all of the opportunities available to them
  • Mentorship
  • Effective communication

Women tend to feel more like they have to travel the road to success alone. Perhaps that is out of competition or simply a long-established cultural role, accepting help when offered is a common theme that appears throughout Ms. Verses’s insights.

Although establishing a positive culture should be a priority for any leader in business, women who find themselves in a management position should be particularly cognizant of the effects culture can have in the workplace. Forming an effective team can make everyone’s job, including the manager, much easier.

It takes a team on the other side of the equation to achieve work/life balance. Partners need to pitch in on the homefront while bosses need to understand the role family plays in an employee’s life and structure responsibilities accordingly.

Until very recently, powerful and opinionated women had a negative connotation in the media and in the workplace. Women no longer need to fear adding to that perception. When opportunities arise to speak their mind and assert themselves, they need to grab them.

Accepting the help and collegiality of mentors is crucial for anyone’s career. It’s also beneficial to “pay it forward”, and act as mentors to the next generation of businesswomen. Not only does it help the cause, but mentoring also gives you an opportunity to reflect on your own practices.

Finally, communication can be a deciding factor in worldwide success. Learning a new language provides confidence, cultural competency, and networking abilities that would otherwise be unavailable to a monolingual worker. Some of the most effective international businesspeople are women because of their hard work and natural abilities to communicate calmly and empathetically.

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