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5 Best Self-Care Tips From The Greeks

When I first moved to Greece for a summer, I was surprised by how slow everything moved. There were the grandparents meandering through the town’s small square, the little waves that slowly pushed against the walls of the port, and…

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Debunking Myths About Refugees

Alicia Wrenn from HIAS and Sunil Varghese from IRAP help correct some misconceptions about refugees In honor of Refugee Week and World Refugee Day, we thought we’d reach out to two of our partners in the refugee community to learn…

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Mademoiselle or Madame: Why Madame is Legally the Right Choice

When you hear the word “mademoiselle,” the words “French,” “Paris,” and maybe even “Coco Chanel,” a very famous mademoiselle, might pop into your head. But if you ask a French person about “mademoiselle” they’ll most likely think, “interdit” (prohibited) and…

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