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Unconventional Ways to Learn a Language From Home

Even in times of self-imposed isolation, we can still become proficient in a language. I fooled myself into believing that my environment had a direct impact on whether or not I could speak a language. The key to learning a language is effort. Here are some ways to think outside the box when it comes to not just learning a language but learning a different culture as well.

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Legit Louisiana Gumbo, by Louis Michot

Before I stepped foot in Louisiana, I made Isaac Toups gumbo and thought it turned out pretty well. I made my own roux with grapeseed oil, flower and elbow grease, and took it up a notch with homemade bone broth. I thought it was pretty good. Then I ate Louis Michot’s gumbo, and realized I was missing so much (and I was working too hard).

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Learner Q&A: Growing Up and Raising Children with French in Louisiana with Ryan Verret

Ryan’s two eldest children are Rosetta Stone’s most active French learners in Louisiana, so we jumped at the chance to have the whole family join us on our French-immersion tour of Arnaudville and for gumbo at Louis’s. We caught up with him afterwards to dig a little deeper into his Acadian heritage, Cajun music, and how speaking French has fueled their nonprofit’s mission.

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The Secret to Being a Successful Language Learner

An Interview with Life Coach and Motivational Speaker Marie Forleo  When you made that resolution to learn a new language, you were probably eager to wipe the slate clean and launch energetically into the best version of yourself. But it’s…

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