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10 Gifts with a Conscience

by Rosetta Stone
Holiday gifting - social activism

As you begin to tackle your holiday giving goals, it makes sense to be thoughtful about buying green or socially conscious gifts. Not only does it show you honor those on your list for whom activism may be a priority, but it also enables you to use your hard-earned dollars to give a little back to the broader community.

These gift recommendations focus on ways you can incorporate a little extra giving back into your holiday budget to make both your loved ones and the world at large a little brighter this season.

Get Involved

1. Make a donation to a charity.

Before you donate money to an organization, make sure it’s aligned to an issue that’s important to the person on your list. This charity site not only allows you to search for organizations by focus, but it also rates them according to their business approach and how much of your donation goes toward the cause.

2. Everyone wins with charity-inspired lotto cards.

These fun stocking stuffers are scratch lotto tickets that let you splurge on providing basics to people in need. From clean water to literacy, you’ll feel like a winner when you make a difference in the lives of others this holiday.

Get Gifts with a Purpose

Social activism - holiday gifting

3. Handmade jewelry with a cause.

These artisan keys become necklaces and are repurposed and made by people in Los Angeles who are transitioning out of homelessness. You can customize each key with a word that carries meaning for the recipient and conveys that this gift carries both a personal and a societal impact.

4. Take a stand for clean water.

Our daily lives aren’t often shaped by the struggle for basic necessities, but many people living on other continents are profoundly affected by the quest for food and clean drinking water.  Private donors already cover fifty percent of the cost of these stylish expanding phone grips and phone stands, so 50% of the profit provides clean water to people in need.

Get Green

5. Solar chargers for the environmentalist.

Solar energy isn’t just the future—it’s our present. Give the gift that keeps on giving with these solar chargers that have enough juice to power a small tablet or smartphone through several hours of normal use.

6. Getting off the grid with a monthly homesteading subscription.

If you’ve got a survival enthusiast on your giving list or a budding homesteader, this subscription box will be a perfect solution. From gardening to wilderness supplies to foraging instruction, this subscription provides the gift of self-sufficiency.

Get Empowered

7. Learn a language.

One of the best ways to gift with a conscience is to find ways to increase tolerance around the globe through common connections like food or language. Rosetta Stone offers 24+ languages to choose from with dynamic lessons that help language learners speak up for themselves.

8. Support women entrepreneurs around the world.

Empowering the disadvantaged is an incredible gift, and your shopping dollars can go a long way towards helping women entrepreneurs in other countries. Fair Trade Winds sells handmade crafts from women around the world who are striving to make their dreams come true.

Get Thoughtful

9. Carefully curate a gift that matters.

Stumped on what to give this holiday? Packed with purpose can help. They create customized gift boxes based on carefully sourced products so your giving can have maximum impact.

10. Give the gift of music.

Music is a universal language, but not everyone has the luxury of enjoying it. Your purchase of these highly rated, premium headphones, earbuds, or speakers helps give back with hearing aids for those in need worldwide.

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