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5 Reasons Why You Should Give Rosetta Stone

by Rosetta Stone

Suddenly feeling stuck about what to give during the holiday season? Sure, you have choices—multicolor blenders, air fryers, wool caps, dog raincoats—but gifting a new language is really special. Discover why they’ll love it:

1. A new language boosts confidence.

Unlike those bleached jeans… speaking multiple languages never goes out of style. They’ll pronounce each new word perfectly, and confidently, when chatting with the locals.

Conversation with Rosetta Stone.

2. Rosetta Stone is built by experts.

Some language learning apps use crowdsourcing to build their program. Our team of linguists supervises the creation of every language course, from Spanish to Japanese, so you know you’re learning the right way.

3. It’s portable.

Rosetta Stone on Mobile

Things get busy. Whether they’re on a trip or just commuting to work, progress syncs on the cloud, which means they can pick up where they left off.

4. It’s trusted.

For over 26 years, top organizations have turned to Rosetta Stone for their language learning needs.

5. Gifting Rosetta Stone is just, well, easy.

We’re not saying that you’re lazy. You just don’t like schlepping, shipping, or lugging around bulky gifts. Giving Rosetta Stone is as simple as a few clicks.


Give Rosetta Stone now.

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