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A Guide to Finding Peace and Quiet This Mother’s Day

by Kaz Weida
Finding Peace and Quiet This Mother's Day

One thing that is on every mom’s wish list these days is a commodity that’s hard to come by: peace and quiet. While it’s a relief to have the family home safe and healthy, many parents are wearing lots of hats right now—teacher, chief technology expert, nurse, housekeeper, and short-order cook, just to name a few.

As Mother’s Day approaches this year, there are some ways you can leverage a Rosetta Stone subscription to take the pandemic pressure off and find some relief not just for Mom, but also for the entire family. Whether it’s parent-free learning, hands-on fun, or virtual escapes, your partner in language learning has a few tricks up its sleeve this Mother’s Day to bring a little calm to your household chaos.

4 Ways to Create a Cultural Oasis in the Chaos

While you might view language learning as just one more thing on your to-do list, a creative approach can transform your subscription into a remedy for those close quarantine quarters that are inspiring cabin fever. 

1. Parent-Free Learning

Many schools have moved learning online, but that doesn’t mean kids are capable of working independently. On the contrary, supervising multiple kids through a full course schedule that runs the gamut from science experiments to online exams is a full-time job. Pull up the Rosetta Stone app and give yourself a break without guilt. Our bite-sized, immersive lessons are largely intuitive and encourage kids to engage, speak, and learn without needing parental intervention. Because if they’re going to be on their devices 24/7, it’s a relief to make sure it’s time well spent.

Try this: If you’re struggling to afford a subscription right now, we have a solution. Rosetta Stone is providing three months of free access to parents of K-12 students who either attend a school that is closed in response to COVID-19 or are homeschooled. 

2. Create Your Own Escape

Get a subscription as a gift for mom or leverage your existing access to carve out some “me” time for the woman who does everything. Focusing on your own goals and ambitions during this difficult time isn’t so much of an indulgence as it is a necessity. Daily language lessons are a good excuse to find ten quiet minutes behind closed doors, with the bonus sense of accomplishment.

Try this: Get connected without leaving the couch by utilizing our Live Lectures or a free Live Group Coaching session. You’ll realize that getting chatty with someone besides your own family is the breath of fresh air everyone needed.

3. Family Virtual Vacations

Not being able to pack your bags for that tropical getaway is brutal, but you can use your Rosetta Stone subscription to feel like you’re traveling virtually. Create a weekend away not just through language, but with immersive experiences. Plan an at-home foreign film festival, explore music through Spotify playlists, take virtual museum tours, or decorate the house with your destination in mind. Flip-flops and beach towels not required.

Try this: Get access to all our languages with an Unlimited Languages subscription (or buy it outright and keep it for life) and you can dip your toes into a bunch of locales via 24+ language experiences that give you a real taste for the culture.

4. Leverage Fun Features

Go beyond your Rosetta Stone language lessons and find a world of Extended Learning features you can direct little fingertips toward. Kids can listen to Stories in other languages, use the Audio Companion to download their lessons and take them outside, or act out scenarios with a sibling from the Phrasebook. Because sometimes we all need to get away from it all. Especially Mom.

Try this: If you trust your kids with a smartphone, you can have them do language scavenger hunts from the Rosetta Stone iPhone app using Seek & Speak. Our object-recognition technology utilizes the camera to teach vocabulary, so your kids can enjoy the thrill of tracking down and snapping pics of items for a little virtual hide-and-seek language learning. And while they’re hunting, you can tiptoe away for a few moments of calm.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there working hard to keep their families safe, healthy, and connected. We appreciate you and we’re here to help during this challenging time.

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