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Ben Learns Portuguese: Episode 1

by Ben Papac
Learning Portuguese with Benjamin Papac

Hey everyone! I’m excited to launch my blog “Ben Learns Languages.” I’m going to share my journey with you as I become multilingual by using the Rosetta Stone app.

First up, I’m learning Portuguese! I’m starting in Unit 1, which is all about the basics. I’m essentially as fluent as a toddler. I can ask what things are, and identify cats, dogs, adults, and children, which is great! It’s all about baby steps.

The biggest challenge so far is the range of sounds in Portuguese. It’s completely different from other languages I know. Right now, I swing from sounding Spanish to Italian to American. I pride myself on my pronunciation skills, so it’s been very humbling.

But I still have that rush I always get when I start to unlock a new language! I’ll post every couple of weeks as I make progress. Hopefully, I’ll be posting in Portuguese before too long!

Be back soon.

Start your own Portuguese adventure today.

Benjamin Papac is an actor, storyteller, and language lover. He stars in Greenhouse Academy (Netflix) and currently studies Brazilian Portuguese.

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