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Ben Learns Portuguese: Episode 2

by Ben Papac
Benjamin Papac learns Portuguese

Hey everyone! This week, I dove into Unit 2: Greetings and Introductions. I learned a lot about food, a little about friends and family, and a few things about food. Just kidding.

Unit 2 taught me a lot of foundational language that builds on what I learned in Unit 1. Now I can talk about meu pai, minha irmã e minha mãe, and introduce you to meus amigos.

The weird thing I noticed about possessives in Portuguese is the conjugation of meu/minha. Turns out, you conjugate the Portuguese word for “my,” based on the object to which you’re referring!

Thanks for tuning in, but I need to go back to minha cozinha, porque eu estou cozinhando.

Be back soon.

Begin your own Brazilian Portuguese adventure.

Benjamin Papac is an actor, storyteller, and language lover. He stars in Greenhouse Academy (Netflix) and currently studies Brazilian Portuguese.

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