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Ben Learns Portuguese: Episode 4

by Ben Papac
Ben Papac Learns Portuguese Episode 4

Olá, meus amigos!

This week, I started Unit 3: Work and Play. Unit 3 expanded my vocabulary to numbers, days of the week, meals, and more. Agora eu sei Segunda, Terça, Quarta, Quinta, Sexta Feiras, e Sábado e Domingo! I know the words for week (semana) month (mês) and year (ano) as well! The last time-related words I learned about were the seasons. A primavera vem antes do verão, que vem antes do outono. E o inverno vem depois do outono.

By the way, I often have to go back and review the grammar/spelling of words when I write in Portuguese. Please don’t get the impression I write everything perfectly; my sentences are usually riddled with errors until I edit them. That’s part of the process!

Random thing I learned: in addition to hands (mãos) and feet (pés), now I know fingers and toes! (dedos e dedos dos pés!) I also learned some new vocabulary that’s super useful for describing travel, visits with friends/family, and hospitality. For example:

Eu estou visitando minha avó em Fresno! 

I am visiting my grandma in Fresno!

Enquanto estou aqui, eu sou o convidado dela.

While I’m here, I am her guest.

Ok, I had to look up the Portuguese word for “while,” but the rest of that sentence has been covered so far! It’s pretty exciting to realize I can start to put together more complete thoughts now. It’s also really challenging to take what I’ve learned and apply it on my own! I learn way faster when I take the time to go back over what I learned, and try to write my thoughts down in Portuguese. And remember: MISTAKES ARE OK. They help you notice what you need to review and strengthen.

When it comes to food, now I can tell the difference between breakfast (café-da-manhã) lunch (almoço) and dinner (jantar). To illustrate time of day and new vocabulary for meals and taste (gosto) /smell (cheiro), I’ve put together an “avant-garde art film,” for you to enjoy, so watch the video! 

Life has become incredibly hectic this summer;  I’m moving to San Francisco for a new gig, and among the packing and planning and arranging of affairs, it’s tough to make time for practice. So, I try to do a little over lunch or before bed every day.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to do an entire episode in Portuguese soon!

Until next time,


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