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Debunking Myths About Refugees

Alicia Wrenn from HIAS and Sunil Varghese from IRAP help correct some misconceptions about refugees In honor of Refugee Week and World Refugee Day, we thought we’d reach out to two of our partners in the refugee community to learn…

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Music Recommendations From Around World

When I was in elementary school I went to a Spanish immersion school. And when I was in first grade, an obsession rippled through our school. The obsession was a song (with some amazingly choreographed dance moves) called “Asereje” by…

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Learner Q&A: Growing Up and Raising Children with French in Louisiana with Ryan Verret

Ryan’s two eldest children are Rosetta Stone’s most active French learners in Louisiana, so we jumped at the chance to have the whole family join us on our French-immersion tour of Arnaudville and for gumbo at Louis’s. We caught up with him afterwards to dig a little deeper into his Acadian heritage, Cajun music, and how speaking French has fueled their nonprofit’s mission.

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