Ben Papac

Benjamin Papac is an actor, storyteller, and language lover. He stars in Greenhouse Academy (Netflix) and currently studies Brazilian Portuguese.

Brendan Kelly

Calli Zarpas

Calliope Zarpas, writer and graphic designer, is a collector of foreign words and experiences. She loves trying traditional foods and drinks from all over the world (ask her about the “happy water” she had in a tiny Vietnamese village) and making friends despite language barriers.
She blogs at 

Celinne Da Costa

Errol De Jesus

Errol de Jesus blogs about her experiences as a mother fighting monolingualism. Follow her journey on Instagram.

Jackie Dreyer

From Wisconsin to southern Spain, Jackie Dreyer is a bilingual writer, editor, and translator. Never not looking for a great cup of coffee and that friend who stops to pet every dog.

Kristen Kellogg

Kristen Kellogg is the founder and creative director behind Border Free Travels. When she's not out exploring and filming the world, she's planning trips for others through her sister company, Salt & Wind Travel, showing clients how to have more meaningful experiences around the world.

Kaz Weida

Nathalia Ramos

Pontia Fallahi

Pontia Fallahi writes and blogs about all things Iran: culture, language, and travel. She was born and raised in the US and has lived in Tehran for four years, the combination of which gives her an unbiased perspective on Iran and a unique ability to explain cultural nuances to foreigners. A teacher and lifelong learner, she delivers cultural explainers and language tips for Iranophiles.

Pontia's Articles:
Nowruz Around the World

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