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Dutch Words

Learn to speak Dutch words with the award-winning Rosetta Stone app.

by Rosetta Stone

If you’ve considered learning Dutch, you’ll benefit from learning a major European language that is the official language of the Netherlands and Belgium in Europe, and also of Aruba and the Dutch Antilles (Caribbean), including Curaçao and Sint Maarten.

The population of Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, comprises approximately 30% visitors at any given time. And unlike some cultures who are less forgiving with those attempting their language, the Dutch are famous for their focus on tolerance and acceptance, making Dutch a fantastic choice for a second language.

To begin your learning journey, basic conversational building blocks are a great place to start. A few simple phrases are the bread and butter of daily conversation in most every language, including Dutch. Try these out:

  • Hello = Hallo
  • How are you? = Hoe gaat het met je?
  • Please = Alstublieft
  • Thank you = Dank u wel
  • Information = Informatie
  • Green = Groene
  • Red = Rode
  • Blue = Blauwe
  • Nature = Natuur
  • Sunflowers = Zonnebloemen

Learn Dutch Words and Phrases

You won’t be alone in your quest to learn Dutch . There are over 5 million people worldwide speaking Dutch as a second language. Combined with the 23 million native speakers, Dutch is the third most-widely spoken Germanic language in the world after English and German.

Let Rosetta Stone help. Rosetta Stone’s Dynamic Immersion® methodology teaches you to speak the language, not just the words. This approach is effective in preparing you to use your new language in everyday life, and getting ready to handle situations in Dutch with confidence.

You will focus on proper pronunciation before extensive vocabulary acquisition, which will help you quickly learn to understand and be understood in Dutch. New language learners frequently get caught up in memorization of long lists of words and phrases. This leads to frustration when they find themselves unable to understand or be understood in everyday, real-world conversations. That’s what makes proper pronunciation a key component in being able to confidently engage with locals. Rosetta Stone helps you get the pronunciation right away with our TruAccent™ speech-recognition engine . Our patented technology compares your voice to native speakers in real-time, so you get immediate feedback for the most accurate pronunciation.

After you have acquired basic words and their proper pronunciation, you’ll start transitioning to longer phrases with Rosetta Stone’s brief, 10-minute lessons. These are set up to fit into your life at your convenience while helping you to acquire the skills to understand and be understood in Dutch with confidence.

Try Our Award-Winning App

Surround yourself with Dutch whenever, wherever with the Rosetta Stone app .

Download a unit and knock it out on the train or a flight. Select a 5-10 minute lesson and sneak it in while you wait in line or for your ride to show up. And explore dynamic features, like Seek and Speak, where you can point at an object in the real world and get a translation .

The best part? You don’t have to choose between app or desktop. Both come with your subscription and sync, so you can switch between devices seamlessly.

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