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Enhance Your German Learning with These Shows, Movies, Songs, and More

Between practice sessions with Rosetta Stone, it’s important to immerse yourself in a language’s culture. We’ve put together a list of playlists, movies, and more—so you can test your skills and experience German from anywhere in the world.



Hannah Arendt – Google Play

In German and English, this film explores philosopher Hannah Arendt’s most controversial work.

Das Leben der Anderen – Google Play

Winner of Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards, this stunning movie explores the pervasive suspicion of East Germany.



German Pop – Spotify

Feel the beat and learn casual phrases from these fun lyrics.

Krautrock – Spotify

Loud guitars characterize this historical German rock playlist, assembled by the Goethe-Institut.

Lautstark – junge Musik aus Deutschland – Spotify    

A pop playlist designed specifically for German learners.



Radio D – iTunes

Fun stories that help English speakers understand German.

Deutsch perfekt Podcast – iTunes

Polish your comprehension skills with this series.

Deutsch Baukasten – iTunes

Explore each letter of the German alphabet.