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Gifts for the Savvy Traveler

by Rosetta Stone
Gifts for Savvy Travelers

If you’ve got someone whose bucket list and Instagram feed is the envy of friends and family, this gift guide is for you. From airport comfort and packing convenience to opportunities to travel without leaving the comfort of your couch, these gift suggestions for globetrotters will kick-start your holiday shopping.

While you probably can’t afford to gift that travel enthusiast round-trip airfare to this year’s hip destination, you can still feed that enthusiasm for adventure with thoughtful gifts that go the extra mile.

1. Safety and style folded into one infinity scarf

This infinity scarf will definitely work overtime for the savvy traveler. Stylish and soft, it sports a hidden pocket with plenty of room for your boarding pass, phone, maps, keys, and other valuables.

2. Adapt your electronics to the destination

The traveler on your list may have an odd assortment of these adapters, but they’ll appreciate the convenience of having a compact, universal set that fits easily into a carry-on and works in more than 150 countries around the world.


Get traveling.

3. Cocktail kits make you feel like you’re traveling first class

First-class is an indulgence that’s out of reach for many, but you can still bestow the gift of superior cocktail service with these kits. Each one is designed with carry-on friendly ingredients, so you just have to add alcohol and a mixer offered by the inflight beverage service to get the best sip in economy.

4. Give the gift of Airbnb

Airbnb is the go-to in many countries where savvy travelers are looking to get authentically local, reasonably priced accommodations. Grab your world explorer a gift card that’s good for stays at various Airbnb properties across all seven continents and in 196 countries.

Get hungry.

5. Get savvy about street food with this guide

One of the best parts of experiencing other countries through travel is developing a taste for the cuisine. This guide covers the rising popularity of street stalls and food trucks in cities across the globe and helps travelers find great eats on a budget.

6. Give a subscription to a taste of the world

If your ambitious traveler is a bit short on funds, you can still give the gift of exploring the world from the comfort of home. This box brings various authentic cuisines and snacks to your door courtesy of a carefully curated subscription.

Get local.

7. Sound like a native with the gift of language

Before you go, it’s important to know a bit of the language. Rosetta Stone offers lessons in more than 24+ languages with learning software and an award-winning mobile app, so language learners can fit being bilingual into their busy schedule.

8. Bag this gift to practice sustainable travel

Luggage space is a precious commodity for travelers. Make it easier to bring those souvenirs home with these compact, collapsible stuff bags that help make the most of the space you have. Made from 100% organic non-GMO cotton and 100% recycled plastics, this company donates 100% of their profits to environmental education initiatives around the globe.

Get memories.

Savvy Traveler Rosetta Stone

9. Grab that Insta-worthy shot with iPhone lenses

Smartphone cameras have improved dramatically in the last few years, and these days, many people don’t bother taking a more substantial camera on their travels. Help that smartphone pull double-duty with specialized lenses that are perfect for capturing wide-angle landscape shots or up-close, drool-worthy food photos.

10. Scratch the next trip off the bucket list

There’s something incredibly satisfying about crossing something off your list, and that’s especially true for travelers and their bucket lists. Make it even more appealing with this scratch map that’ll help your savvy traveler humblebrag about their bucket list adventures.

Disclaimer: Recommendations published in this guide are for general information purposes only and should not be considered product endorsements. Rosetta Stone does not profit or have an affiliate relationship with any of the companies whose products are included in this guide.

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