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Holiday Giving: A Guide to the Best Gifts for Parents

by Rosetta Stone
Gift Guide for Parents - Rosetta Stone


When the holidays roll around, it’s often parents who find their hands full, hustling to get gifts for little ones and spreading holiday cheer. If you’ve got one of those busy holiday ambassadors on your shopping list, you may have found it difficult to discern what would bring a little magic into their hectic lives.

While a vacation to a tropical destination and a fantastic babysitter might be a bit beyond your budget, here are some gifts that are within your power to bestow that’ll make a busy parent’s holiday a little brighter.


Get sentimental.

1. Preserve memories with a photo box

Preserving photographs and mementos from the last family vacation can be a challenge. That’s why photo boxes help gather all your memories in one spot, protecting the entire experience for decades of “do you remember when” sessions.

2. Gather those family recipes into a cookbook

While you may not have relished Mom’s meatloaf recipe as a kid, when adulthood comes calling, you’ll probably be eager to dig it up out of the archives for posterity. Gather family recipes into a cookbook that can serve up memories for generations to come.


Get practical.

3. Noise-canceling headphones always come in handy

A house full of noisy, boisterous kids is both a blessing and a challenge. Get ahead of the noise with headphones designed to give busy parents a few moments of blissful silence.

4. Get a warm welcome with this monogrammed doormat

When it comes to active households, a robust doormat is always appreciated. This one goes the extra mile by adding the personal touch of the family monogram.


Get thoughtful.

5. Show you care with smoke & carbon monoxide alarms

Protect the people you love with fire protection systems that connect to other smart home devices. Chances are, especially if it’s an older home, the house is probably not outfitted with the latest home safety gadgets designed to provide the maximum amount of early warning. It’s a practical gift for parents that shows you know what’s important to them.

6. Make a calendar of those Insta-worthy moments

You’ve seen the adorable pics plastered all over social media, but now these priceless shots can be admired every day of the year with this customizable calendar designed from Instagram posts.


Get outside the box.

7. Discover ancestry with genetic testing kits

Give the gift of family tradition and heritage with a genetic testing kit that can trace lineage. Some of the more advanced kits even provide health profiles that might flag risk factors and offer insight into genetic conditions.

8. Deliver the gift of healthy meals to their doorstep

Most working parents struggle to get a home-cooked meal on the table every night. Make that job easier with a meal subscription service that brings recipes and local ingredients right to their door. The less time parents spend shopping for and preparing meals, the more time they get to spend enjoying the family.


Get a gift for the group.

Gift Guide for Parents - Rosetta Stone

9. Give the gift of language

Being bilingual is a gift everyone can benefit from. Not only do those who speak a second language have more professional and personal opportunities, but they also may experience cognitive gains like increased creativity and a better ability to multitask.

10. Lend a hand to the whole family with Echo & Alexa

When you’re juggling things in the kitchen, a personal assistant is invaluable. That’s why the whole family will love a gift like an Echo or Dot that brings Alexa and all the help she can give into the home. From voice-activated shopping lists to games for the kids and weather and emergency reports, Alexa can be the best friend any family ever had.

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