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Immerse Yourself in Spanish Right Now

by Rosetta Stone
Languages don’t live in a bubble. They’re the natural expression of writers, musicians, filmmakers, and other artists whose work can introduce language learners to the nuances of a native’s cadence.

One of the best ways to get better at speaking is to start listening. Train your ears, and your mouth will follow. Try it for yourself by complementing your language lessons with these Spanish-speaking podcasts, TV shows, movies, and music.

Music Playlists

TOP Latino Songs – Spotify

Adrenalina – Spotify

Best of 2016: Latin Alternative – Spotify

Greatest Latin Rock Songs Ever – Spotify



La reina del sur – Netflix

Velvet – Netflix

Caso cerrado – Telemundo



Radio ambulante – iTunes

Casados y complicados, con Santi y Laurita – iTunes

Política y más con Rubén Sánchez (Puerto Rico) – iTunes

Epicentro – iTunes

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