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Learn Italian with These Movies, Podcasts, and More

by Rosetta Stone

Italian rock? Legendary cinema? Global news? Yep, we’ve collected it all. When you’re not busy perfecting your pronunciation with Rosetta Stone, learn Italian with these fascinating movies, podcasts, shows, and more.


Movies and Shows

Mia Madre – Google Play

Critics raved about Nanni Moretti’s quiet 2015 masterpiece.

Cinema Paradiso – Google Play

The Italian classic that’s a homage to filmmaking.

La Dolce Vita – Amazon (DVD) 

Fellini’s dazzling Roman tale of woe and introspection.



Effetto giorno le notizie in 60 minuti – iTunes

Politics, finance, and other issues are discussed.

News in Slow Italian – iTunes

Grab the daily news in Italian, at a learning speed.


Music Playlists

Best Italian rock songs! – Spotify

Loud, electric guitars and edgy lyrics.

The Perfect Italian Dinner – Spotify

The perfect musical complement to your pasta night.

The Best of Italian Pop Songs – Spotify

Jam to these upbeat pop tunes.


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