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The Rosetta Stone Summer Bucket List Challenge

by Sara Lepley
Push yourself with the 2019 Summer Bucket List Challenge

This is the summer you make it happen. You’re going to learn a new language.

We’re here to help! We crafted this inaugural Summer Bucket List Challenge to get you speaking in a new language.

By the end, you may discover a new favorite genre of music or make a new friend. You could be adding a skill to your LinkedIn profile and booking that flight you’ve been thinking about. You might even make a recipe written entirely in French and get “sugar” confused with “salt” and end up with an, um, inventive take on the classic macaroon.

Anything can happen.  

So what’re you waiting for? Give this printable a look, save it somewhere you can check items off, and follow us at @rosettastone on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for weekly updates and ideas. Be sure to share your progress on social with #NailedIt. You never know who you might be inspiring!

How many of the summer challenges will you knock out?

Want to get ahead of the game? Knock off the first challenge today: Send this article to a friend, and dare them to join you!

Want to learn a new language but aren’t sure where to start? Why not with our free trial. We think you’ll do great!

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