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Language Lessons: Conversational Brazilian Portuguese

by Rosetta Stone
Woman biking at Ipanema Beach

Rosetta Stone’s latest series of language lessons will help you build your Brazilian Portuguese skills! These immersive videos are handy for all learners, whether you’re preparing for a trip or practicing at home. 

This series takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and provides an overview of conversational Brazilian Portuguese. Within each lesson, you’ll learn essential phrases that are useful in common situations, such as booking a room, going to the beach, or dining out.

See a sampling below, or watch the full series here

Booking a room 

Booking your stay is the first step on your trip to Brazil. In this lesson, you’ll learn to reserve your hotel room and ask about amenities. You’ll also get tips on planning ahead for travel during peak tourism season, like a visit during Carnival.

At the beach

Brazil’s world-famous Ipanema Beach is a hub for locals and tourists alike. You can always find someone surfing, biking, or playing beach volleyball. 

In this lesson, you’ll visit a barraca to rent everything you need for a day at the beach.

Dining out

You can find outstanding food all over Brazil. In this lesson, you’ll discover popular local dishes, such as feijoada and moqueca, and learn phrases to help you order at a restaurant. 

See the full series of Everyday Conversation lessons here, or check it out on your next flight with American Airlines. They’re also available in Spanish and Japanese! Stay up to date with new lessons and transform your language learning journey with more helpful videos on Rosetta Stone’s Youtube channel

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