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Language Lessons: Conversational French

by Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone’s latest series of language lessons will help you build your French skills! These immersive videos are handy for all learners, whether you’re preparing for a trip or practicing at home. 

This series takes place in Provence, France and provides an overview of conversational French. Within each lesson, you’ll learn essential phrases that are useful in common situations, such as dining out, going shopping, or visiting a winery. Each video will give you insight into the regional specialties of southern France.

See a sampling below, or watch the full series here

Going wine tasting

France is famous for its distinct wine varietals, from the dry reds of the Bordeaux region to the rich white wines from the Loire Valley. For this reason, wine tasting at a vineyard often ranks high on the to-do lists of visiting tourists.

In this lesson, you’ll visit a vineyard in Bellet for a wine tasting and learn some helpful phrases for the activity, along with fun facts about the wine regions of France.

Ordering at a restaurant

As the country with the most Michelin star restaurants, France is world-renowned for its delicious cuisine. Whether you’re looking for escargot, coq au vin, or ratatouille, you’ll need a few phrases to help you communicate.

In this lesson, you’ll learn key words and phrases to order food in France like a local.

Shopping at the market

The Provence region of France has bountiful fresh fruits and herbs. In this lesson, you’ll speak with a local vendor to taste some samples and buy a delicious snack! 

See the full series of Everyday Conversation lessons here, or check it out on your next flight with American Airlines. They’re also available in Spanish, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese! Stay up to date with new lessons and transform your language learning journey with more helpful videos on Rosetta Stone’s Youtube channel.

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