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Language Lessons: Conversational Japanese

by Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone’s latest series of language lessons will help you build your Japanese skills! These immersive videos are handy for all learners, whether you’re preparing for a trip or practicing at home. 

This series takes place in Tokyo, Japan and provides an overview of conversational Japanese. Within each lesson, you’ll learn essential phrases that are useful in common situations, like dining out, navigating public transportation, and asking for recommendations. Each video also provides a unique window into Japanese culture! 

See a sampling below, or watch the full series here

Ordering at an izakaya

Japan is famous for its Izakayas. Izakayas are cozy bars that offer unique snacking menus and a fun atmosphere to enjoy drinks with friends. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to order common foods at each of these locales. 

Navigating transportation 

Japan is known for its fantastic transportation system. You can go from Tokyo to Nagoya in less than two hours on the bullet train, known as the shinkansen (新幹線). In a car, it would take you four and a half hours to drive that same distance! 

In this video, you’ll learn phrases that will help you purchase a ticket, determine route details, and find a seat. 

Asking for recommendations

From art galleries and famous jazz clubs to sprawling gardens and countryside temples, there’s so much to do in Japan! To find the best spots to visit, all you have to do is ask. 

In this lesson, you’ll preview popular islands, cities, and parks as you learn phrases that help you determine where to go and how to get there. 

See the full series of Everyday Conversation lessons here, or check it out on your next flight with American Airlines. They’re also available in Spanish! Stay up to date with new lessons and transform your language learning journey with more helpful videos on Rosetta Stone’s Youtube channel

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