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Language Lessons: Conversational Spanish

by Marisa Serrano

Rosetta Stone’s latest series of language lessons will help you build your everyday Spanish skills! Whether you’re taking a trip or practicing at home, these immersive video tutorials are sure to come in handy.

The series takes place in Oaxaca, Mexico and provides an overview of conversational Spanish. Within each lesson, you’ll learn essential phrases that are useful in common situations, such as getting around, buying items, and dining out. 

See a sampling below, or watch the full series here.


Oaxaca is known for its finely-crafted textiles. In this video, you’ll explore a textile shop and search for the perfect gift. Along the way, you’ll learn how to get key information that’s relevant for any shopping trip, including asking questions about price, color, sizing, and more.


Navigating transportation in another language can seem a bit challenging. Practicing these important travel conversations can help your trip go much more smoothly! In this lesson, you’ll learn how to catch a cab, take a bus, and ask questions along the way.

Dining out

In this lesson, you’ll visit a restaurant and explore some delicious Oaxacan dishes. You’ll also learn many helpful phrases for dining out, including how to order your meal and ask for the check.

See the full series of Everyday Conversation lessons here, or check it out on your next flight with American Airlines. And follow Rosetta Stone on YouTube for more helpful videos to support your language learning journey!

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