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Learn A Language Anywhere with Downloadable Lessons

by Rosetta Stone

Did you know that changing your learning environment helps strengthen your ability to recall material? It’s especially true with language learning, where you’re often learning key information about the things around you.

To help you keep learning your new language from anywhere, Rosetta Stone offers a powerful way to bring your practice with you: downloadable lessons.

How to download your Rosetta Stone lessons

Rosetta Stone lessons are the foundation of your language learning journey. Each one guides you through a series of core skills and exercises, with a focus on pronunciation, grammar, vocab, and listening. 

Downloading lessons is easy! Just open the Rosetta Stone app, select the unit you want to study while on the go, and click “Use Offline” in the lower right-hand corner.

To download lessons, open a unit and tap the "use offline: button in the right-hand corner of the screen.
How to download lessons

You can also take Rosetta Stone Stories and Audio Companion with you on your adventures by downloading them in advance. All the lesson content you download is available offline on your device for 30 days.

How practicing language in different places boosts recall

Taking your language practice to literal new places—coffee shops, parks, airports, wherever you happen to be—can deepen your absorption of new concepts and get you using your new language faster than ever before. 

How? Well, it’s all in the brain. 

Context-dependent memory and language learning

Context-dependent memory refers to our ability to recall concepts, skills, and information when we’re in a similar environment or context as we were when we first learned or experienced them. Simply put, when we learn or experience something in a certain environment, we more easily remember it in that same environment later. 

Have you ever lost your keys and needed to retrace your steps to jog your memory of where you last saw them? Or remembered something long-forgotten when you visited a place you haven’t been since childhood? That’s context-dependent memory.

Our environments have huge effects on our ability to recall information. Practicing important things like grammar or common phrases in diverse contexts and environments allows you to take advantage of your own context-dependent memory. By studying a language in numerous places, your brain’s power to recall crucial info is contextualized in various situations and locations, making it easier to remember and use later.

Using Rosetta Stone downloadable lessons to improve language recall

Context clearly has a powerful impact on our ability to remember information we learn about a new language. Here are some ideas for using downloadable lessons and Rosetta Stone content in context to help you more effectively remember your new language:

  • Try working through a few Travel lessons in Your Plan while waiting for a bus or in an airport, and take note of things like signs or directions mentioned in your lesson.
  • Download Stories that take place in museums or restaurants, and practice in those locations before meeting friends. 
  • Listen to a Business & Industry lesson in Audio Companion while taking a break at work.
  • Have an Audio Companion practice session with friends, using the Friends & Social Life unit.
  • Use your Phrasebook to learn specific things you’ll need to remember or practice in different locations later.

Changing up the places where you take your Rosetta Stone lessons can help you better remember what you learn. That means you’ll be using your new language more quickly than ever. If you’re new to Rosetta Stone and want to try downloadable lessons, start our free trial and see why we’ve been trusted by language learners for more than 26 years.

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