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Learn New Languages, and You’ll Find: There’s a Word for That

by Rosetta Stone

Every language has its limits, and sometimes, it can be hard to find the right words to express our precise emotions. The good news is that where one language falls short, another language often delivers.

For example, have you ever wished for an exact phrase to describe one of these situations?

  • When you leave a conversation, and afterwards think of all the things you should have said—from awesome arguments to witty retorts. In French, that’s called “l’esprit de l’escalier.” 
  • When everyone has finished eating a meal, but you spend extra time sitting around the table relaxing, chatting, maybe playing some cards, and generally having fun. In Spanish, this is called “sobremesa,” and in Dutch, this is called “natafelen.”
  • When something is just right—not too much, and not too little—like the classic Goldilocks tale. Think: the perfect amount of food, a day of ideal weather, or an optimal furniture setup. In Swedish, this feeling of balance is called “lagom.” 

Even though there aren’t direct translations for these words in English, the situations are familiar and relatable, which shows how the feelings themselves transcend countries and cultures. 

Every language is full of these unique and useful words and phrases. The more languages you learn, the more you’ll find that yes, there’s a word for that.

For example, see how the Dutch word “gezellig” encapsulates a whole positive vibe:

And learn how in Brazilian Portuguese “saudade” captures a nostalgic longing:

As you can see, learning a new language unlocks a whole new set of ways to communicate how you’re feeling. Overall, speaking more than one language can help you discover a rich new vocabulary to express yourself in new and exciting ways. 

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