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Try Language Learning Plans Based on Your Unique Goals

by Rosetta Stone

Every language learner, no matter their level of skill, has a unique goal they’re working toward. For some, fluency at work or with family is everything; for others, it’s just confidently ordering a coffee in a foreign country. 

So it makes sense to tailor your own study of a new language based on how you’ll use it in order to maximize results. 

We created an easy and effective way to personalize your experience on Rosetta Stone. It’s called Your Plan, a powerful language learning framework designed to supercharge your progress around the goals most important to you.

How Your Plan Works

Your Plan works for any level, and each one offers Rosetta Stone’s immersive content perfect for beginner, intermediate, or proficient learners.

Rosetta Stone researchers have pinpointed the minimum amount of practice time per week to progress meaningfully in a new language. So we designed each plan to correspond with an exact number of lessons and learning hours to get you to your goal more quickly.

With Your Plan, you’ll choose from four unique language learning plans expertly designed to provide the right lessons (and the right practice schedule) for goals like Basic & Beyond, Travel, Work, and Family—in 24 languages offered on Rosetta Stone.

Basics & Beyond

There are a lot of everyday terms and situations to learn in any language, and the Basics & Beyond plan gives you a big head start. You’ll learn useful phrases, new vocabulary and grammar, colors, numbers, sizes, as well as how to use your new language in both formal and informal situations.


If your goal is to feel confident meeting people in a new country, understanding signs, experiencing the local food scene, buying tickets or booking hotels, asking for directions, and shopping, the Travel plan is for you. 


Professionals all over the world learn new languages to help them succeed. Is your goal centered around using a language in a business setting? The Work plan introduces important terms, phrases, and tips for business communication, meetings, networking, talking about money, merchandise, and politeness. 


Lots of people begin learning a second (or third, or fourth!) language to help them deepen family relationships and better communicate with loved ones. The Family plan offers lessons helping with all those goals and more through content built around giving compliments, being respectful, making conversation, marking special occasions, and even written correspondence.

Get Started With Your Plan Today

Once you select your level of current ability in a language—Beginner, Intermediate, or Proficient— you’ll choose your goal, unlocking a personalized learning plan and schedule. 

Your Plan will also suggest Phrasebooks to make you familiar with common interactions. Stories narrated by native speakers of the language you’re learning will help you improve your listening and speaking skills. You’ll even get reminders to help keep you on track to your goal. Try to complete your plan’s suggested content each day.

Your Plan provides the right content, at the right level, over the right amount of time, to help you begin using your new language as quickly as possible. Read more about choosing a plan by visiting our Help Center.
We think you’ll love learning your new language with Your Plan. Click below to get started today.

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