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Your Plan Rosetta Stone launch
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Did you know you can personalize your language learning experience with Your Plan, one of Rosetta Stone’s most popular features? In talking to our customers, we found that many want to learn a language for a specific reason, like an upcoming trip abroad, or to better connect with family, or even to improve communication in the workplace. With Your Plan, iOS, iPad and Mac OS users can choose from four unique plans—Travel, Work, Family, and Basic & Beyond—in all of the 24 languages Rosetta Stone offers. Each plan offers Rosetta Stone’s immersive content tailored to skill level—beginner, intermediate, or proficient.

Your Plan is a great way to form a positive daily habit that results in the tremendous reward of becoming proficient in another language. Rosetta Stone researchers have found the minimum time per week to progress in a language, so each plan is expertly designed across an exact number of duration and days to meet that minimum threshold. Your Plan provides learners the right content at the right level over the right time period for reaching their language goals.

Specific content for each plan includes:

  • Travel—meeting people, dining out, staying in a hotel, directions, and locations. 
  • Family—family relationships, complements, special occasions, and general correspondence. 
  • Work—politeness in a business setting, invitations, time, money, materials, and merchandise. 
  • Basics & Beyond—everyday items, daily routine, colors, sizes, as well as formal and informal situations.

We think you’ll love Your Plan. And Apple agrees—because today we’re featured in the App Store.


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