Learning a Second Language Helps New Grads Stand Out

Recent grads and language learning.

New grads with freshly minted diplomas and polished resumes will apply for open positions in droves this summer. And, as always, the competition for new grads hitting the job market is fierce. So how can recent graduates stand out? New grads might want to add learning a second language to their post-commencement to-do list.

Learn Spanish

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Results from a survey of Rosetta Stone users show that learning a second language may aid job seekers on the hunt for employment. Can you set yourself apart and increase career prospects simply by learning a second language? These survey results point to yes.

Recent graduates and language learning.

In March, Rosetta Stone users opened up about the impact that learning a second language had on hiring and career trajectory. Among Rosetta Stone users who are responsible for hiring or managing people, 35% granted a job interview, extended a job offer, or recommended a promotion or pay raise because of an employee’s proficiency in another language.

If that wasn’t reason enough to start working in those daily #RosettaSessions, maybe these insights on the importance of knowing another language will make learning a second language a top post-graduation priority. Over half of Rosetta Stone users (54%) who are employed say that knowing another language is important in their current jobs, and more than one-third (35%) are choosing to learn another language to help with their current position or their future career.

What about you? Would you consider learning a second language to edge out the competition?