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Lost with Locals: On the Go with Phrasebook

by Kristen Kellogg

From introductions to ordering meals, there is no shortage of common sayings to use when you are traveling. I found Phrasebook extremely helpful while I was practicing my Spanish before going on my trip to Mérida and also on the ground.

You can find 160 common sayings within Phrasebook and play audio to hear a native speaker pronunciation. You can access it digitally under the Extended Learning section of the Rosetta Stone app on your phone.

I used more than half of the sayings while traveling throughout Mexico. I loved having it handy while out on the streets. I accessed Phrasebook through the Rosetta Stone app. When I needed something to say in a pinch, I simply pulled my phone out of my pocket and found what I was looking for. Audio CompanionTM has a local speaking various phrases, which helped speed up my learning curve.

You can also download it to your phone. so you don’t even need WiFi to use it when you are out and about.

What is the most useful common phrase you’ve used when speaking another language?

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