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Motivational Phrases in 20 Languages

by Sara Lepley

What better time to get a jolt of motivation than now, when resolutions seem far less attractive than happy hour or catching up on Black Mirror?

Below you’ll find loose translations for how to say, “You can do it” in 20 languages. Say it to your friend on the way to the gym, to your roommate when he promises to tidy up (again), or to yourself as you plug into your daily #RosettaSessions. Oh, and by the way, you can even practice your new language during happy hour (if it’s with a conversation partner, anyway). 

LISTEN: How to say, “¡Tú puedes!” in Spanish.

LISTEN: How to say, Allez, tu va y arriver !” in French.

LISTEN: How to say, Bravo, genau richtig! Du kannst das!” in German.

LISTEN: How to say, Forza! Ce la puoi fare!” in Italian.

LISTEN: How to say, “Zet hem op. Je kunt het!” Dutch.

LISTEN: How to say,你行的!” in Chinese.

LISTEN: How to say, “أحسنت، لقد أصبت !” in Arabic.

LISTEN: How to say, Kaya mo ito!” in Filipino (Tagalog).

LISTEN: How to say, “Τα κατάφερες!” in Greek.

LISTEN: How to say,“מצויין. כל הכבוד לך” in Hebrew.

LISTEN: How to say,“शाबाश” in Hindi.

LISTEN: How to say, “やったね!よくできた!” in Japanese.

LISTEN: How to say,“화이팅!” in Korean.

LISTEN: How to say,“آفرین” in Persian (Farsi).

LISTEN: How to say, “Aferin!” in Turkish.

LISTEN: How to say, “Kom igen nu, det här fixar du!” in Swedish.

LISTEN: How to say, “Świetnie!” Polish. 

LISTEN: How to say, “Очень хорошо!” in Russian.

In Vietnamese say, “Cố gắng lên”.

LISTEN: How to say, “Você consegue!” in Portuguese (Brazil).

Now that you have the motivation, ready to learn more?

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