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Rosetta Stone Unlimited: Learning with Rosetta Stone

by Rosetta Stone

When it comes to language learning, you have so many options: 

  • What language will you learn? 
  • What learning method will you choose? 
  • How will you practice your language in the real world? 

Our advice? Don’t let indecision keep you from achieving your language learning goals. That’s why we’ve created Rosetta Stone Unlimited. 

Rosetta Stone Unlimited is the language plan designed for every learner. With expert-designed lessons, immediate pronunciation feedback, and learning tools available in 25 languages, you have all the tools you need to dive right into conversation. 

Plus, you get access to everything Rosetta Stone has to offer for life. One set price allows you to keep the adventure going for a lifetime. Now through March 22, save 40% on Rosetta Stone Unlimited and let language lead you somewhere amazing. 

Take a look below at what unlimited access includes—and what you can achieve! 

What is included with a Rosetta Stone Unlimited Plan? 

With Rosetta Stone Unlimited, you’ll have unlimited desktop and app access to: 

  • Scaffolded lessons that help you learn through Dynamic Immersion 
  • Immediate pronunciation feedback with TruAccent
  • Extended learning tools, which include Stories, Phrasebook, and Audio Companion
  • Live Lessons led by Rosetta Stone tutors that immerse you in language and culture 
  • Your Plan, which aligns with your learning goals and helps you stay on track 

You’ll have access to all of the above in 25 languages: 

  1. Spanish (Latin America) 
  2. Spanish (Spain) 
  3. French
  4. Italian
  5. German
  6. English (American)
  7. English (British) 
  8. Arabic
  9. Chinese (Mandarin) 
  10. Dutch 
  11. Farsi (Persian) 
  12. Greek
  13. Hebrew
  14. Hindi
  15. Irish
  16. Japanese
  17. Korean
  18. Latin
  19. Polish
  20. Portuguese (Brazil) 
  21. Russian 
  22. Swedish
  23. Tagalog (Filipino) 
  24. Turkish
  25. Vietnamese

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What can you expect to achieve with Rosetta Stone Unlimited? 

A better question: What can you achieve in a lifetime? With limitless practice in 25 languages, you could become a polyglot (a person who is fluent in several languages). You could travel the world. You could climb to the top of the corporate ladder. 

All of the above is possible. But in the process of building language skills, most learners find the less glamorous milestones to be even more worthwhile. Let’s take a look. 

1. Speak better and remember more 

With Rosetta Stone Unlimited, you don’t just learn random phrases. You learn every element of a new language intentionally through Dynamic Immersion to ensure that you’re conversation ready from your very first lesson. 

Take a look at the example exercise below. You’ll notice that Rosetta Stone lessons only include text and audio in the language you’re learning—and never in your native language. In this way, you learn language the same way you did as a toddler, building your understanding of words and phrases through context (audio and images). 

See that audio icon in the image below? This exercise also uses TruAccent. You pronounce the word, and TruAccent gives you as many opportunities as you need to say it correctly. 

In just one lesson, you’ve now trained your brain—and your tongue—to pick up language naturally. When you encounter new vocabulary in real-life conversations, you’ll be even better equipped to find meaning in new phrases and remember them for next time. Plus, you can speak confidently knowing that your accent is on point. 

Imagine your first imperfectly perfect conversation in a new language—that’s a milestone worth celebrating. 

2. Discover more of what you love 

Let’s say you’re learning Spanish to prepare for a trip to Oaxaca. Sure, you’ll want to know how to ask for directions and order the best comida callejera (“street food”). But the goal of language learning isn’t just navigation—it’s connection. 

Connection looks different for everyone, but whether you’re traveling around the countryside or staying in town, striking up a meaningful conversation can help you build memories that last a lifetime. 

Understanding the cultures behind the language you’re learning is key to connecting. When you’re in Oaxaca, you can chat with a local to ask for off-the-beaten-path recommendations. Or, you can bond over your shared love of fútbol (“soccer”).  

As you learn language on Rosetta Stone, you’ll also learn about cultural cornerstones—embedded into each course—that can help you better connect with people you meet. Plus, extended learning tools expose you to even more.  

Tune into Live Lessons, offered several times a week, to dive into cultural topics, like the history behind dance in Latin America. Each lesson is led by a Rosetta Stone tutor and provides additional listening and immersion opportunities! 

To dive into culture and practice your reading skills, Rosetta Stone Stories provide a number of narratives to choose from. Choose a story from the unit you’re studying, and discover a world of history, cuisine, regional landmarks, and more. 

Make language learning a lifelong adventure with Rosetta Stone Unlimited

With limitless access, Rosetta Stone Unlimited prepares you for a lifetime of learning. From feeling more confident to rewiring your brain, the benefits of knowing more than one language are akin to eating healthier and getting more exercise. Plus, with 25 languages to learn, you’ll always have the tools and inspiration you need to meet new people, uncover new places, and explore more of the things you love. 

Now through March 22, you can save 40% on Rosetta Stone Unlimited to jumpstart your lifetime of learning. 

What are you waiting for? 

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